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And here again, there are discounts that apply for high-volume traders.

Advisor and Broker Master accounts are not included in the consolidated calculation. 

And the statement earlier in thread that 'BH investors would never consider margin' is with due respect presumptuous, since it's simply nonsense to say reasonable investors would never use margin including as contingent liquidity, say instead of a HELOC etc and thus the statement defines out of the 'BH investor' category reasonable investors, which is presumptuous.

Interactive Brokers IRA Fees 

Aug 07,  · And Interactive Brokers also charges inactivity fees for idle accounts. So novice investors and infrequent traders need not apply. (Instead, they should check out our list of the best brokers for beginners.)8/

Finally, for traders traveling without access to their desktops, or for traders looking to simply monitor their portfolios, place trades, and view watch lists, IB WebTrader is a good solution. After loading WebTrader, I found a detailed summary of my portfolio balances and margin requirements alongside a full spectrum order ticket.

When I say full spectrum, I mean trading for all asset classes is supported. The only limitations are algo orders and other advanced order types. Pulling quotes will provide only a basic high-level summary, an extremely rudimentary chart I recommend you avoid altogether, and an option chain.

Basic stock screening is also present alongside a high-level international market summary tab, Market Pulse. Customizations are essentially non-existent throughout, although streaming real time quotes are found throughout, which is essential. Bottom line, the focus of WebTrader is to monitor portfolios and manage orders; it is not designed to be used as a standalone. It accomplishes these functions well. Research Being a professional trader-focused brokerage, Interactive Brokers is not known for its research offering.

Bundled for free with the TWS platform, customers will find what they need to conduct thorough research on stocks, mostly thorough research for ETFs, but little to no research on Mutual Funds and Bonds.

Research highlights include the available screeners, backtesting functionality, and portfolio analysis tools, which are all excellent. For traders who are looking for a rich offering of fundamental research, Interactive Brokers offers dozens of third-party provider feeds a la carte, including Morningstar, which are available for a monthly fee. Any provider package purchased integrates straight into TWS for a seamless experience.

You'll find your standard stocks, bonds, and mutual funds. But you'll also find ETFs, options, futures, and forex selections as well. Interactive Brokers also offers a variety of different account types, including cash, margin, and portfolio accounts, helping to lure in many different types of investors.

Who Benefits from Interactive Brokers? Interactive Brokers is a platform for the advanced trader. You also need a solid understanding of the market and how to trade investments.

We feel it's best suited for advanced and active traders, including day and penny stock traders, as well as those interested in options and futures. Because it's geared towards the advanced trader, Interactive Brokers requires: If you are looking for a discount broker, cost is probably an important factor. IB's pricing runs along the same lines as many of the larger discount brokers available today. They offer both fixed-rate and tiered pricing to keep the rates even lower for frequent traders.

They offer a demo account. You can download the demo without signing up for an account. All you have to supply is your email address and you can start executing pretend trades based on minute delayed data.

You can try out different strategies and even test IB's research tools within the demo. If you decide to open an account, you'll use the same username and password to create the "real" account. The trading platform is a robust trading tool. Once you sign up and fund an account, you'll have access to Trader Workstation, the real trading platform.

You can trade any investment with this platform, including global investments. You can set up watch lists and customize the data screens to suit your needs. Trades typically execute quickly with this system. You can also program your customized strategies into the platform for automation down the road.

There is plenty of research available for stocks and ETFs. Investors receive free research with the TWS platform. This free research offers plenty of insight for trading stocks and ETFs. If you want to trade mutual funds or bonds, though, you may want to look to a third-party for this information.

You can integrate third-party software into the Trader Workstation. If you prefer the use of a third-party application for your trades, it may integrate with the Trader Workstation. You'll have to understand the application programming interface, though, which may exclude certain investors. You can reach a customer service representative 24 hours a day during weekdays.

Whether you prefer phone contact or chatting online, IB's customer service representatives are available around the clock, Monday through Friday. You can call a Client Service Center or chat online. IB also encourages clients to search their Knowledge Base for answers to frequently asked questions.


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Monthly Activity Fee = 0 if consolidated monthly commissions are less than the Required Minimum, the standard minimum activity fee will be applied to each account, proportionally on an account-by-account basis as described below.

Jan 02,  · All features that put Interactive Brokers among our picks of best brokers for day trading. Interactive Brokers isn’t always a great fit for beginners or less-active traders. The broker’s high minimum investment and monthly inactivity fees make it less attractive for smaller investors, and for this set the strong positives may not offset the Author: Arielle O'Shea & James Royal. Interactive Brokers Fees, Commissions, IRA Trading Costs. IB Monthly Account Inactivity Fee. Interactive Brokers fee schedule, commissions, online stock trading cost, investing account pricing, hidden fees. 

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Feb 19,  · Interactive Brokers also leads the industry with the lowest margin rates, which vary from % down to a staggering % for clients who hold more than $1 million with the brokerage. Speaking of equity trades, rates start at $ per share with the fixed-rate structure ($1 minimum)/5. Interactive Brokers account inactivity fee $10 per month minimum commission requirement to avoid $10 monthly fee (rises to $20 monthly if account balance is less than $2,; waived for $,+ accounts).

Interactive Brokers charges inactivity fees, which when combined with the high minimum opening balance can make trading rather costly for infrequent traders. They only offer around 45 commission-free ETFs. If your main investment strategy is commission-free ETFs, Interactive Brokers probably isn't the best option as there are other /5. Interactive Brokers fees: You get charged if you have an inactive account High account minimums (as of December the minimum is $10,, though users under 25 years old have a minimum of $3,) Can be a steep learning curve to use platform for less experienced traders.

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