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Tradency is not a social trading network in the traditional sense, rather a software which is offered by a number of brokerages.

The platform allows traders to engage in copy trading, while also operating as a fully functional trading platform. However, this power is not reserved for these giant corporations. 

The relevant algorithm can sift through this giant database and extract the relevant information. Additional factors, such as risk management, are taken under consideration, providing the end result of a low-risk, fully managed investment portfolio, which can potentially beat the Nasdaq

2. eToro Stock Trading Review 

eToro tutorials - How do I verify my eToro account - Duration: 4 minutes, 16 seconds.

The web-based trading platform is built on JAVA technology and is accessible from any computer with an internet connection. It is a web-based application and no download is required. The platform allows the trader to access the platform from any of the popular web browsers like Chrome, Mozilla, Firefox and Internet Explorer. The WebTrader contains a complete suite of technical indicators and interactive charts, and can also be used to trade selected stock indices, crude oil, cryptocurrencies and gold.

Trading on the eToro WebTrader is exclusively under market maker conditions, and trades are executed by a dealing desk. What mobile apps do eToro offer? The app can be downloaded from the respective app stores iTunes and Google Play store.

What is eToro CopyFunds? The eToro CopyFunds program is a managed portfolio account system where traders can simply put funds in a PAMM account and have a top trader make all the trading decisions.

All a trader needs to do to participate is to fund the trading account, find a CopyFund that fits their investment objectives and strategy, and click to join the desired portfolio. Traders have the choice to trade in two types of CopyFunds: Market CopyFunds where assets comprising stocks, commodities or ETFs are bundled together under a chosen trading strategy.

With CopyFunds, traders can get a managed portfolio by simply copying a CopyFund that makes sense for them. Frequently asked questions about eToro The following section details some useful details about trading on eToro: Do eToro charge a commission?

No, trading on eToro is commission-free. What leverage and margin do eToro offer? The minimum is 1: The minimum trade contract size on eToro is 1, units of the base currency, which is equivalent to a lot size of 0.

There is no limit to the maximum contract size that can be traded. What is the market depth offered by eToro?

Once you have decided how much you want to invest into a particular simply click Buy and the deal will be done at the specified price. Traders do pay a 0. At this current time it is only possible to long on Stocks, with it not being possible to go short.

It has to be said the fact that traders can only go long is quite a big drawback, as this significantly limits opportunities for traders. Stock trading eToro has been massively popular with the network continuing to expand its offering. The platform integrates both manual and social trading features in the same interface, and you can very easily switch between the two using the navigation menu. Another major plus is that both manually opened positions and ones copied from other traders appear in the same open trades screen so you can monitor all your positions in one place without having to switch between platforms, as is the case with some other social trading platforms.

The platform also includes charting software with an extensive range of drawing tools and technical studies. The platform is clearly more geared to focus on the social aspect of trading and to make the trading experience easy and intuitive. However, traders used to trading with MT4 who are looking for the same kind of tool arsenal may be disappointed.

The eToro Mobile Trader, available for both Android and iOS, is a slightly redacted version of the main web based platform, but containing all of the main functionalities that enable you to trade and manage your portfolio on your mobile device.

Like the main platform, the app also combines social and manual trading capacities, and is quite intuitive to use. The charting software has limited capabilities only a handful of the most commonly used studies , but other than that the app is robust and very intuitive to use.

The mobile trading app is free to download from the iTunes or Google Play Store. While the social trading network has many fans, not everyone is a big fan of the social trading network. ZuluTrade boasts a huge number of Signal Providers which users can opt to follow with the social trading network having made it very easy for traders to become signal providers.

Thankfully, registered users are able to download traders full trading history which allows users to perform a full analysis of a traders strategy, allowing them to see whether they are worth coping. One of the biggest benefits of ZuluTrade over eToro, is that the service is brokerage independent which means users can choose from a wide range of different brokerage firms. This allows traders to hunt out the most competitive spreads and best execution. Those interested in ZuluTrade can try out a fully functioning demo account for a 30 day period.

You are welcomed to read our full analysis of Zulutrade VS eToro here. MyDigiTrade While not as well known as some of the other social trading networks, MyDigiTrade may be a good option for those looking for an alternative to eToro. The platform is quite similar to ZuluTrade in the sense that traders can choose from a wide range of signal providers, with it also being possible for users to easily become a signal provider themselves. Again, MyDigiTrade uses an algorithm to rank the quality of the signal providers on the platform.

It is possible to overcome this by using custom filtering and carefully analysing the past performance of the signal providers on the platform, though traders should be aware that Forex trading is inherently risky. It is possible to choose from a range of different brokerages to use with the MyDigiTrade service, with the company currently supporting a total of 16 different brokerages including well known regulated firms such as FXCM, XM.

This will appeal to those who are looking to take advantage of tighter spreads than are on offer through eToro. Again those interested in this eToro alternative, can try out a free demo account. Currensee differs from the other networks in one crucial respect, the network heavily vets who can provide signals to the users of the service. Part of this success fee is paid to the signal providers for the provision of their services, but such a payment structure is likely to put off a significant number of traders.

You can choose a number of different brokerages to trade with. Those looking for an upmarket and highly vetted signal provision service may take some time to consider Currensee as an option. Other Alternatives The amount of hype surrounding social trading has led to a number of different networks and brokerages offering their own products.

While not very well known this German based social trading network, offers a similar service to eToro in many ways.


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eToro strives to evolve and innovate. It's time to take WebTrader to the next level. Join the new eToro platform and upgrade your trading experience.

eToro WebTrader Login. The trading system you will use to manage your eToro social trading portfolio is the WebTrader The WebTrader login is designed for simple and functional use, which enables you to start . eToro WebTrader The trading system you will use to manage your eToro social trading portfolio is the WebTrader The eToro WebTrader is designed for simple and functional use, which enables you to start . 

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eToro offers customers hour support 5 days a week. Customers who need assistance can reach the company by local phone, fax or email. The eToro website supports several languages. eToro does not offer live chat support. Where Does eToro Operate? eToro operates in over 60 countries. EToro Web Trader · September 1, · Join our eToro Popular Investors program and receive highly lucrative benefits and services as the elite of our social investment .

With the earliest of eToro’s machine learning-powered products showing such great potential, there’s no doubt future practices leaning on the technology will yield impressive results. This content is for educational purposes only and is not investment advice. eToro tutorials - How do I verify my eToro account - Duration: 4 minutes, 16 seconds.

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