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There is an alleged number of spots available completely free-of-charge. 

As a special request to our readers, we signed up with Lexington Code through our own affiliation link, so as not to lose our own money. You should also check my in depth WikiTrader Review!

What is the Lexington Code? 

Latest Update: Is Lexington Code App Scam? Read this In-depth Lexington Code Review. This new autotrader system is developed and designed by simpsons-online.tkl Lexington.

They only want to lure you into becoming a victim. How does Lexington Code work? So you will probably end up losing all initial deposit immediately or with subsequent trades placed by the auto trading robot. It is obvious that Michael and his team are portraying a very easy and cheap idea about financial trading in this way, and the only thing this shows is that the system is all fake.

All the actions performed on the Lexington Code are scripted and since I found nothing about the way it works there is obviously no such algorithm behind this software which Michael told us at the beginning of the video that was created by software tech guru Barry Storyk. Fake certification Michael Lexington laid so much emphasis on the certification he had on him as he tried to sell to us the lies that the Lexington Code is certified.

Fake testimonials are not left out! The Lexington Code website contains fake testimonials from actors in the video who get paid for their performances and also from people that do not exist. There is no end to these fake stories.

When we broadened our research we discovered that the Lexington Code website was registered on the , See proof below. What is the Lexington Code? The website consists of plenty of fake proof and yet another video you cannot control to skip over the boring and repetitive bits. Watch the first Lexington Code Scam Video. First, you are introduced to Michael Lexington who is claimed to be the chief operating officer of the software and company.

Only, the company does not exist and a quick search reveals that there is no one by this name that matches this description and actually has any connection to such a company. Of course, except for in the numerous reviews which get all of their information from the website alone. He claims he is holding in his hand the official documentation that completely legitimizes and authenticates the trades made by this scam.

The claims are rather broad as far as the kinds of profits you can make in just a day using the software. With that said, the lower end seems a bit more reasonable, though still far-fetched if you ask me. See, the reason this so-called documentation is completely useless is because you cannot confirm its legitimacy as they do not reveal the name of the firm that has confirmed their trades.

Now, why would he make such claims without providing a means to prove them? Of course, because he is lying. So, the algorithm has rocket scientists working on it? I still find it odd that considering that the company is supposedly based in the UK and its supposedly a UK company, why are these numbers in dollars and not pounds. Not to mention the fact that there is no way anyone will ever pay a penny for this scam software if it ever even reaches the point of actually being sold.

The lead programmer, Barry Storyk, is also an actor form London. His explanation really does not clear anything up. The explanation is that the system makes several small trades within a trade in exchange for a higher fixed amount.

On top of that, he claims to not have lost a single trade since they started 9 months ago. This, I think, is what completely put me off. If this was the case, trust me, you would have heard about it regardless how quiet they were being about it. The account name on this screenshot is Arturo M, another thing to remember.

Following are several screenshots of successful traders, or so they say. Quite frankly, our initial thoughts about this matter are filled with skepticism as it greets us with a rather large profit potential. At the same time, there is feedback on current Lexington Code users that actually have already generated some revenue too. Hence, in order to get to the bottom of this, we jumped on the bandwagon and proceeded with a deposit to find out!

Obviously, the ability to perform consistently and earn money is our primary concern. Below is our discovery on what Lexington Code is capable of as well as a little information on how it works! In relative to the current price of course. Lexington Code App provides an automated function whereby the software itself will execute these trades on their own.

These functions provided by Michael Lexington, Barry Storyk and his team which are pretty common for all trading software. More importantly, these two individuals are not the usual SCAM actors we see in a fraudulent system too good sign. Obviously our profit would have been higher if we trade at a higher amount.


Honesty is the Best Policy 

Lexington Code is a pretty recent scam software working with unregulated brokers. Don't get fooled. Read our honest review before you try it.

Warning: Stay away from Lexington Code Scam it's a devious fraud that will rip your money. Read our real review regarding this new SCAM software! Is Lexington Code a Scam? Read our review with 3 evidences & results to know all the truth about Michael Lexington! Forum with testimonials included! 

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Micheal Lexington Code Review

IMPORTANT LEXINGTON CODE REVIEW: Lexington Code Software is a brand new Binary Option software launched on the 14th of December. Michael Lexington, the alleged owner of LexingtonCode Software stated that the robot is available to only 25 lucky people. Shortly after its launch, it's gained so much unnecessary hype from. Lexington Code Review We are here to decode what Lexington code has in store for you. Lexington code is the brain child of its Chief Operating Officer and Founder Michael Lexington.

See My Lexington Code Reviews: Having Good Profits or another Scam system? Many experts confirmed this as scam free system. Try Once with minimum budget. Lexington Code in my opinion is no different to these other scams and it actually uses the exact same method to scam people. The sales video seems to be set in London and Michael Lexington is the man behind the system.

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