Although you have the responsibility to thoroughly read and understand all clauses in the CSA, your attention is drawn to the following particularly important sections:

KVB Kunlun Group is one of the few multinational non-banking financial institutions in the world that is both licensed by regulators around the world as well as with a listing presence by one of its subsidiary. 

CSI Index Futures is based on a futures contract. The initials in our name - KVB - remind us of our mission to use our expert knowledge and versatility to break the barriers of traditional investment services, revolutionising our clients' investment experience.

“The Daily Review”. The one and only. 

Apr 03,  · KVB Kunlun ; Founded in , KVB Kunlun Financial Group Limited (KVB Kunlun) became a listed forex broker (HKEXHK) after its IPO on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in July KVB Kunlun is a wholly-owned subsidiary of China’s largest investment bank CITIC Securities (HKG), following its acquisition of the /5.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask our representatives. This opportunity is designed to suit investors with understanding, experience, and the financial capacity to absorb the risks inherent in dealing in Derivatives please read the risks section carefully before investing.

KVB will not advise clients regarding the merits of a transaction and will simply carry out the client's instructions. It may be appropriate for you to take professional financial advice from a licensed financial adviser. KVB does not provide you with Personal Advice. You are aware of and comfortable with the risks of dealing in Derivatives.

This PDS does not constitute an offer or invitation in any place where, or to any person to whom it would not be lawful to make such an offer or invitation. The following pages contain illustrated hypothetical examples of transactions available via KVB Leveraged Trading. These examples do not take into account your individual objectives, financial situation or needs, nor do they illustrate every possible outcome of dealing in Derivatives via KVB Leveraged Trading.

You should seek your own advice if you do not understand any aspect of this Product Disclosure Statement. We pride ourselves on our professional and disciplined approach to financial markets.

Our global team of financial specialists are dedicated to providing our clients with access to visionary investment services. Our vision is represented in our name and logo we use Knowledge and Versatility to Break the barriers of traditional investment services for our client's benefit.

The KVB Group is led by a number of highly experienced and qualified investment professionals, including the Group Managing Director and Directors for each country in which we are represented and global leaders in the Investment, Technology and Compliance disciplines. KVB Group entities are licensed or supervised in the following regimes: The facility allows clients to choose an appropriate level of leverage for their needs.

It also provides for stop loss and take profit features, and has an automatic close out feature to minimise loss in the event that a position moves significantly against you. ForexStar allows clients to: Our FX products include a range of currency pairs. The minimum standard trading size is 0. Tradable lots range in size depending on which Commodity you trade. Tradable lots range in size depending on which Index you trade. Our mini account product provides customer opportunities to trade in minimum contract size of 0.

This product allows customers to trade in the real market with less capital. We charge commissions on Mini Accounts. You must acknowledge your understanding of dealing in Derivatives and CFDs, together with the risks involved.

You should read, understand and acknowledge your receipt and understanding of all of these documents. Although you have the responsibility to thoroughly read and understand all clauses in the CSA, your attention is drawn to the following particularly important sections: Switch Over at Expiry: The KVB contracts expire 2 days prior to the exchange set expiry date and time.

Any positions still open at the close of trading on KVB s expiry day being 2 days prior to the exchange set expiry date and time will be closed by KVB at the mid market closing price and cash settled. In order to avoid last trading day s volatility, KVB switches over the price quote from one month to the next month two trading days prior to the exchange expiry dates.

Clients can resume trading the same CFD symbol after this quote switching is complete. CSI Index Futures is based on a futures contract. Futures contract expire on exchange set dates and times. Done daily at prevailing market carrying cost Nondeliverable, cash settled at the end of last trading day Done daily at prevailing market carrying cost Nondeliverable, cash settled at the end of last trading day Done daily at prevailing market carrying cost Non-deliverable, cash settled at the end of last trading day Expiry Date FPD-2 FPD-2 FPD-2 The 15th day of the second month prior to the active futures contract on SHFE.

These include, but are not limited to, understanding the concepts of leverage, margins, volatility, interests or rights in the underlying asset s along with the processes and technologies used in trading. You must also confirm that you are willing and able to accept those terms and conditions and to assume financially and otherwise those risks.

You acknowledge your responsibility for monitoring and managing the risks of trading. When you sign the application forms, you are making this confirmation. CFDs are Over-the-Counter Derivatives contracts considered by law to be principal-to-principal contracts. This makes you the client and KVB the provider counterparties to the contract.

We offer you a contract price based on relevant market and business conditions. One of those conditions is that you provide us with Margin in the form of cleared funds. We provide you with leverage in return for the Margin contribution. Your obligation as client and counterparty is to maintain your Margin at a minimum level in accordance with the following leverage options including but not limited to: Leverage Margin Explanation Required 1: However if your trade position moves against you there are 3 possible outcomes: There is no guarantee that positions will be closed in periods of excess volatility as outlined in page There is no guarantee that positions will be closed in periods of excess volatility as outlined in page 14 When a client deposits money with KVB, the client's funds are pooled with other client's funds and held in an account segregated accounts on trust for our clients and separate to KVB business operating accounts.

When clients enter into a transaction, we are entitled to withdraw Margin from their account to cover the open position. This treatment meets the relevant legal requirements. We may choose to withdraw your margin in this manner, however this is not our current practice. We manage the segregated accounts by matching the client equity balances in our system with the client funds held on trust in the bank. It is important to note that your monies are pooled with other client's monies.

Some client positions are loss making and others are profit making. All positions are managed as a pool, so your money may be used to cover the loss making positions of other clients on an intraday basis only. Minimum lot is 0. The broker offers over 30 currency pairs, popular indices, precious metals with leverage up to 1: We hope that they will diversify the list of the underlying assets in the future, as traders now, more than ever, prefer to trade variety of underlying assets so they can implement different strategies and analysis techniques.

This form is somewhat different than traditional online forms available on other websites. For example, you have to precise the brokerage branch you are trying to reach, as well as the type of inquiry. Shame, as most traders prefer live chat nowadays. Also, FAQ section pretty vague and not detailed at all which is quite unusual, as it is the first place traders look for an answer.

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Considering that the account is verified during the registration process, no additional documents are needed at this point. We cannot recommend this broker to you as we have established no contact with them.

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KVB Kunlun Financial Group provides foreign exchange transactions, liquidity solutions, international settlement and corporate hedge, wealth management, securities investment, financial IT solutions and other financial products .

The information contained in these documents does not constitute financial or investment advice. All information, prices and opinions are subject to change without prior notice. The product information may not apply to all KVB Kunlun companies; please contact our representatives in your country or region, if you have any enquiries. KVB Kunlun Financial Group Limited Professional, Diversified and Forward-looking Financial Products and Services Stock Code: HK FOLLOW US; Declaimer. 

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KVB Kunlun Wealth Management Pty Ltd 44F, Rialto South Tower Collins Street, Melbourne, , VIC, Australia Customers wishing to undertake services are required to make an appointment before visiting our office. KVB Kunlun. likes · 1 talking about this. 大洋洲地区最大的华资非银行金融机构 simpsons-online.tk

KVB Kunlun is an international financial service corporation with a local presence in Sydney's Citigroup centre on Park Street. I visited KVB to exchange Forex and was amazed at the crowd and queue. Clearly they offer a very competitive pricing.4/4(3). KVB Kunlun Review Learn everything you need to know about using KVB Kunlun. KVB Kunlun is an international financial services corporation with operations in Auckland, Sydney, Melbourne, Toronto, Hong Kong and Beijing.

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