It could do 0—60 MPH in 5. Sales reached 87, units, which would ultimately prove to be the second-best sales year for the GTO. 

The CI engine was disassembled and blueprinted to produce more than the advertised factory horsepower and easily spinning to RPM. With the VOE option, the driver could pull on a knob under the dash and engine vacuum was routed to a diaphragm on each muffler.

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Options - Did the my regular GTO have the options of a spoiler and hood tach?

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Mar 10,  · Who here has the highest optioned GTO? What year? What is the coolest option you have? I am referring to factory or PHS documented options not options.

For the and model years, the GTO was an optional package on the intermediate-sized Pontiac Tempest (VIN ). The GTO became its own model from to (VIN ). It became an option package again for the and intermediate Le simpsons-online.tkessor: Pontiac Tempest (), Pontiac Grand Prix coupe (). Options - Did the my regular GTO have the options of a spoiler and hood tach? 

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The Judge was standard equipped with the Ram Air III, but had the same options as the base model GTO. Also to note, the GTO “The Judge” convertible with the Ram Air IV was the most rare, having only five produced. Please note: If you have any questions regarding your vin # or if your car is really a GTO, we recommend that you contact the Pontiac Historical Services at They provide a great service for a very reasonable price. This section of the website if for information purposes only.

A rare option on the GTO was the Vacuum Operated Exhaust (VOE – Option Code W) option. The VOE option was an attempt to simplify the old hot rod trick of opening up the exhuast system for more power. Pontiac GTO, Pontiac Lemans, Pontiac Tempest, The best source for GTO books, GTO parts, GTO pictures, GTO links,production numbers and Vin Decoder.

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