Just like anything else, there are various manufactures of parts and subsequently quality levels.

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Only time I called customer service was about a setup question and it was superior service also. Runs my custom indicators and automated strategies without a hitch.

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Response time and easy of use was great! Right away I received a reply from Eddie saying he had proof of delivery and then called me personally. FedEx had delivered my computer to the wrong address even though the box was addressed correctly. Luckily for FedEx the person had not opened the box and was waiting for FedEx to come back and claim it.

At 6 months I have had zero issues. Reliability and peace of mind are value added features at no extra cost. Keith C, KS writes: The EZ trading computer has worked flawlessly. Only time I called customer service was about a setup question and it was superior service also.

Been a religious HP user for years, but this EZ computer is the only one for me from now on. Dan W, CA writes: I always bought Dell for quality and support, but in speaking with Eddie Z I was convinced he was able to provide a laptop that would outperform my other options and be there to provide the backup if needed. Thanks Eddie Z Dan bought an Eddie, just wanted to thank you for the excellent service.

After purchasing my 1st machine from you, it was a no brainer when it came time to upgrade my other machines in the office. Top quality components at a lower price.

Keep up the good work! I am delighted with my new computer. It was a breeze to set up and has functioned very well. Your computer replaced a brand name new computer that did not work from day 1.

This of course is the kiss of death for a Trader. Without reliable hardware we are useless. If you maintain the quality of your product you have a customer for life. The best thing about my EZ Trading Computer is that I can run as many programs as I need to without the system slowing down or crashing. Hopefully I will have many years of continued joy with this computer. Eddie, I recently purchased the ZR-1 and it has been fantastic. The speed compared to what I was using was like flying a propeller plane to a Supersonic Jet, and as a full time stock trader, speed does count.

It is quiet and stays cool which is a lot different from the one it replaced. I congratulate EZ Trading Computers on putting out such an outstanding product. I researched several suppliers before settling on Eddie Z. I am not disappointed. In my humble but accurate opinion, he under promises and over delivers. Eddie of EZ Trading Computers offered me excellent customer service. I interacted with him personally on a daily basis, tweaking my system design until I was totally satisfied.

I was able to customize a few parts, and the price increase was just what the additional parts cost. He was prompt and available. I could have built the same PC for a tiny bit less than what the system cost me, but having Eddie put it together and test it so it worked right out of the box was well worth doing.

His profit margin is very reasonable. The PC is amazing. The transaction was totally satisfactory. I would recommend EZTC to anybody without reservation. I am completely satisfied with my computer and your service. I received the equipment as promised and had no trouble with the setup, and the couple of questions I had were handled promptly and satisfactorily.

The computer works just as promised and will be calling you when it is time to upgrade. Eddie and his team provided a great experience.

I would definitely recommend him, if you are looking for a super fast and reliable computer. OA from New York. Thanks for the quick delivery of my EZ Trading computer.

As promised, setup was a breeze. I had the computer up and trading with my platforms the day it arrived. I know if any problems should arise, none have , I will have your tech support to rely on for several years. After several friends told me about Eddie Z I called to get some information for a trading computer I was configuring. I was pleasantly surprised by the time and information Eddie gave me.

As a result of the information, pricing and warranty I ordered an entire trading system from Eddie Z. It arrived timely, was easily assembled and has operated brilliantly. It is hard to find reputable people and companies who actually deliver what they promise. I was lucky I called Eddie Z.

I found the technical information provided regarding computers as well as what is important for a trading computer very helpful. The ability to purchase a computer and have it set up to adequately handle multiple monitors right out of the box was a big plus. They were well done and took considerable stress out of the setup. So far I am very pleased with my experience as well as the equipment. When I need another computer I will not hesitate to go back to Eddie Z.

I only needed to call for support once and when I got help from your top guy, he took plenty of time to check out my machine, clean it, and tell me how to make best use of the solid state hard drive and terabyte drive.

The machine is kept cool with several fans and I like the gadget that shows the RAM and CPU usage and operating temperatures of the eight cores.

I also love that lifetime technical support is offered, try getting that included in the price from Dell or HP! My experience with EZ was great.

I feel that you offer great service for a fair price. The computer I bought from you I love. It was probably close to half the cost of the big name trading computer sites. David bought a I have had no problems since my purchase. Buying put or call options enables the investors to make profit in unilateral market without having to buy and sell stock.

Buying put options enables traders to make profit when the markets fall without having to sell short stock. Similarly, Buying call options enables traders to make profit when the markets rise with a limited risk of premium. You can buy or sell Options just like you buy or sell shares. Related Options Terminology Strike Price: Strike rate is a price for which the underlying security or stock can be purchased or sold on expiry date.

For instance if spot price is , then strike prices are , , , , Here two options are in the money, two out of the money and one at the money.

The current market price of the underlying security or index at a particular time. Premium is the total cost of an options which users have to pay when they purchase an options. Options are of two styles, 1 European 2 American. We warranty all Canadian customer the same as US customers. Typical shipping costs are: Whether you need to trade on the go or you want to the perfect custom trading setup with everything you need delivered to your door, we are here to help.

Give us a call, chat on the lower right or shoot us an email and we will help you get setup with a truly spectacular rig. Built with experience We have been getting active investors and traders the right trading equipment for over 14 years. We are constantly pushing the envelope for what is possible; making the trading computers that run quicker, quieter, and longer than anything else available on the market.

Extreme Performance The processor performance of our computers is the highest you can get anywhere.


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EZ Trading Computer’s builds can easily handle these resource hogs while simultaneously running your trading applications. With our builds, the sky is the limit! .

All signals service is usually up and running for 24 hours on all 5 market days. Usually, depending on the market movement that particular day new signals will be generated. Get Your EZ Trading Computer for FREE! Click here for details!. All EZ Trading Computers Come With: Industry's Best 5 Year Warranty! Lifetime Tech Support! 

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EZ Trading Computer’s builds can easily handle these resource hogs while simultaneously running your trading applications. With our builds, the sky is the limit! EZ Trading Computers are built to run your trading and your training smoothly. EZ Trading Personality Test is used by permission of Dr. Kenneth Reid. Tulcan Enterprises LTD consists of all products, courses, course manuals, websites, audio programs developed under the names EZ Trading Personality Test, EZ Trading Psychology, Eddie Z, Russ Hazelcorn, EZBreakouts, EZ Trading Computers and all .

EZ Trading Pins offers a % Price match Guarantee, as well as the best quality custom trading pins the industry has to offer! forex crypto stocks trading with ez trading school. Welcome to EZ Trading School. Learn Trading see here. Find reliable Broker in your country click here.

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