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The cross-sectional area of the skydiver A skydiver in the spread eagle position encounters more air resistance than a skydiver who assumes the tuck position or who falls feet or head first.

Propulsion of the carriage was effected by a linkage member extending vertically from bottom of the carriage to the below-grade cable. 

RTs are usually challenging test items for students.

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We discovered that Superman had been cloned by the scientists there, and we freed Superboy. Together, the five of us fought our way to freedom, and after we defended our actions to the Justice League, they assembled us into a small, covert team so that we could gain experience in combat as the heroes who would one day succeed the League of Justice. Queen Mera always speaks fondly of your work with King Orin, and she will be elated that you have returned. I doubt she would mind your joining our lesson, and if she allows it, we can compare our studies of sorcery with what you have learned from King Orin on the surface.

We are to return to the White Reef Hall for your lesson instead, assuming the Queen does not decide to reschedule entirely. I may have created a monster. Did such an event really occur? I turned my attention back to the front, and found myself at the back of a crowd spilling into the hall from the White Reef Hall. Our Queen and a bunch of the professors are working on some big project with a visitor from Nanavue.

Her body was beside Ferris as both of them muttered and scribbled whatever problem they were working on. Three other professors swam around the edges, recording figurings of their own, and twice that many advanced students were seated at the foremost desk, taking copious notes. Both my dear friends chuckled. I spoke to them of the first meeting of our team, where Speedy left and we were introduced to Ferris and Miss Martian. I passed over our fight against Mister Twister out of embarrassment, but they were impressed when I outlined the enemies and events at Santa Prisca.

I discussed our fight against Psycho-Pirate, who had inflicted rage and fear upon our hearts, and of the interference from Atomic Skull before we eventually captured them both. I felt so useless, injured and forced to remain behind. Remembering their relationship, I backed away at the last moment, but Garth shot me a look. He pulled Tula into a hug, and I placed a supportive hand on her shoulder.

And the truth is that we often make our own luck in life. But we had the luck of the determined, the alert, and the adventurous, as opposed to only the luck of students. Had we never gambled in our pursuit, the risk could never have paid off. I spoke with shame of our interrogation of Cheshire, although Garth and Tula seemed to feel that we had been justified in our acts.

I spoke of my own duel against Claw, and how Artemis turned the tides with her precise assaults. I also spoke warningly of how close we came to failure: And, having run out of adventures that I felt comfortable relating, I looked back to Queen Mera. I was once more taken aback. The glow-pane was entirely covered in patterned formulae of light. Ferris and Queen Mera were treading near the upper right corner, scrawling more calculations in smaller script between the figures that existed already.

You are not so sturdy as he, and so it is my solemn duty to accompany you into this extraordinary danger. Tula, please watch carefully, so that the bards may sing of our suicidal bravery, should the worst occur. If anything, I should be the one to interrupt, as Queen Mera is less likely to maim a fellow female than an ignorant boy. Realizing her situation a third skydiver, Gregory Robertson, increased his terminal velocity to catch up to Williams and open her parachute.

In order to catch the unconscious Williams, Robertson reoriented his body facedown to reduce his cross-sectional area. He could thereby increase his velocity to about miles per hour mph and catch up to Williams. This change in body positioning decreased his speed from mph to about mph in a matter of seconds because the spreadeagle position allows for maximum drag force and air resistance.

That is an example of the importance of body position and terminal velocity. When Robertson changed his position, he was able to get down to Williams faster by decreasing his cross sectional area. The Parachute One of the last parts of any skydive is the opening of the parachute. The parachute slows the decent, or terminal velocity, to a safe speed for the skydiver to land. However, since the mass of the jumper has not changed this means that the force of gravity still has the same effect on them.

Even though the mass stays the same, the new surface area and parachute slows the diver down. The most important factor in regulating the speed of a jump is your cross-sectional area, and the massive increase in air resistance due to the cross-sectional area of the chute often causes a dramatic jolt when the chute is opened.

This rapid change in surface area causes the net force to shift from the equilibrium of terminal velocity to the upward force of air resistance, thus causing deceleration.

Then as you continue to fall the new slower terminal velocity is reached because the greater air resistance caused by the increased surface area of the parachute will now balance out the force of gravity.

Calculations Kincanon uses his experience skydiving to describe how the theoretical calculations compare to the actual experimental data. The numbers he gives shows that the theoretical and experimental data are very close in the initial stages of the jump. This variation between the theoretical and experimental data makes sense because in the early stages of the jump the resistive forces, such as air resistance, are relatively small compared to the data later in the jump.

This article really helps to show the theoretical data obtained through calculations is only an estimate, and there are many other factors that contribute to the real world experimental data. Terminal Velocity There are basically two forces that will affect the jumper during free fall, which are gravity and air resistance. Gravity as we have learned is equal to 9. Air resistance is the other force that acts upon a skydiver, and is dependent upon their cross-sectional area.


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