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Specials 99Binary offers a comprehensive ebook for beginners, explaining the fundamental steps and guidance required to get started in binary options trading, which is very insightful to beginners.

Specials 99Binary offers a comprehensive ebook for beginners, explaining the fundamental steps and guidance required to get started in binary options trading, which is very insightful to beginners. After creating an account, new members have a wealth of educational resources available, including ebooks, articles, and video tutorials. 

Introduction People are investors. And many of them are very successful.

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While scanning server information of we found that it’s hosted by Team Internet AG since April 29, Earlier Lpbinary was hosted by Hetzner Online GmbH in , Hetzner Online AG in and Mark Rappoport in

Assets During our review of 99Binary, we were able to trade many assets, including currencies, stocks, indices and commodities. We traded stocks ranging from Hitachi to Amazon, paired currencies and commodities like wheat, silver, oil and coffee. We found the large variety of assets gave us the ability to make timely and profitable trades, just like with Banc de Binary for example.

Screenshots Deposit Methods and withdrawals 99Binary gave us easy deposit and withdrawal options. We were able to use credit cards, bank wire transfers and digital funding sources for deposit, with withdrawals in the amount of the initial investment being returned to the initial deposit tool. Customer Service We found the customer service offered by 99Binary to be outstanding.

Multilingual support is available on a 24 hour basis through phone, email and live chat. This is through its different accounts, bonuses, assets and the simple deposit and withdrawal options.

Read also Binary Option Robot review if you are looking for binary option signals or automated trading software. Additional information Customer Service: English, German, Russian, Arabic. Then comes a call from the salesperson or the person who closes the deal. Forex Scams on The Internet Access to the Internet has increased dramatically in the past few years and consumers are becoming more comfortable conducting business shopping, banking, even investing online. But crooks also recognize the potential of cyberspace.

The same scams that have been conducted by mail or phone can now be found on the Internet, and new technologies are resulting in new ways to commit crimes against consumers. Advertisements A newspaper or magazine ad may offer or at least hint at profit opportunities far more attractive than available through conventional investments. Others advertise in narrowly circulated publications they think regulators may be less likely to see.

And these friends will tell their friends. Soon, the scammer no longer needs to find new victims; they will find him. Using profits from previous scams, they rent plush offices, hire an interior decorator and professional-sounding receptionist and open what has the appearance but not the reality of a reputable investment firm.

Investors are assured that their large profits are being reinvested to earn even larger profits. Such a swindler may join local civic groups, contribute to charities, and generally play the role of solid citizen. Techniques Forex Trading Scammers Use Their techniques are as varied as their methods of establishing contact. What they all have in common, however, is their ability to be convincing.

The skills that make them successful are essentially the same skills that enable any good salesperson to be successful. But scammers have a decided advantage: In the absence of this responsibility, they have no reluctance to promise whatever it takes to persuade you to part with your money.

These are some of their techniques: Expectation of Large Profits The profits a scammer talks about are generally large enough to make you interested and eager to invest—but not so large as to make you overly skeptical. Or he may mention a profit figure he thinks you will consider believable and then, as a further enticement, suggest that the potential profit is actually far greater than that.

The latter figure, of course, is the one he hopes you will focus on. Generally speaking, if an investment proposal sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Obviously, the last thing a swindler wants you to think about is the possibility of losing your money. If you ask how you can be certain your money is safe, you can count on a plausible-sounding answer. Besides, at this point, he figures you will believe what you want to believe.

A con man may become impatient or even aggressive if the question of risk is raised—perhaps suggesting that he has better things to do than waste time with people who lack the courage and foresight needed to make money! Urgency is important to a scammer. For one thing, he wants your money as quickly as possible with a minimum of effort on his part.

Besides, he may not plan on remaining in town very long. Confidence Scammers sound confident about the money you are going to make so that you will become confident enough to let go of your savings. Their message is that they are doing you a favour by offering the investment opportunity. A scammer may even threaten pleasantly or otherwise to end the discussion by suggesting that if you are not really interested there are many other people who will be.

Once you protest that you are interested, he figures your savings are practically in his pocket. The more they talk, the less chance you have to ask questions. Not surprisingly, this is usually an investment scammers first point of attack.

To keep you from asking questions, he asks them! The only thing a swindler wants is your money. Where did you get my name? Easy preys who are eager to recoup but are doomed to repeat their earlier losses. What risks are involved in the proposed investment? Except for obligations of the U. Treasury, which are considered risk-free, all investments involve some degree of risk.

And some investments, by their nature, involve greater risks than others. Can you send me a written explanation of your investment so I can consider it at my leisure? For someone peddling fraudulent investments, that can be a double turn-off. For one thing, most crooks are reluctant to put anything in writing that might cause them to run afoul of postal authorities or provide material that, at some point, might become evidence in a fraud trial.

They want your money now. Would you mind explaining your investment proposal to some third party, such as my attorney, accountant, investment advisor or banker? Can you provide references? Do you have any documents such as a prospectus or risk disclosure statement that you can provide? And there can be requirements that you be provided with this information and acknowledge in writing that you have read and understood it. Are the investments you are offering traded on a regulated exchange, such as a securities or futures exchange?

Exchanges have strict rules designed to assure fair dealing and competitive price determination. There are also mechanisms to provide for rule enforcement and to impose severe sanctions against those who fail to observe the rules. What governmental or industry regulatory supervision is your firm subject to? Then verify the response. Few things discourage a swindler faster than the thought that his first visitor the next morning may be from a regulatory agency. How long has your company been in business?

In any kind of business activity, there can be advantages to dealing with a known, established company. What has your track record been? And ask to have the information if there is any in writing.

Boasting over the phone is one thing; putting it down on paper is quite another. When and where can I meet with you or with another representative of your firm? Where, exactly, will my money be? And what type of regular accounting statements do you provide? How much of my money would go for commissions, management fees and the like? How can I liquidate i. If you find that the investment is illiquid, or there would be substantial costs if liquidated, or that you are unable to get straight and solid answers, these are all things to consider in deciding whether you want to invest.

If disputes should arise, how can they be resolved? Short of having to go to court to sue someone, does the company or regulatory organization provide a mechanism for resolving disputes equitably and inexpensively through arbitration, mediation, or a reparations procedure?

Aside from seeking important information, you may be able to detect whether the salesperson is uncomfortable or impatient with this line of questioning. Scammers generally will be. That could cause you not to invest or, worse still, alert regulators that someone they know well has set up shop in a new area or is running a new scam. For this reason, most con men deliberately make themselves difficult to investigate: While there is no way to know for certain whether a particular investment will make money or lose money, there is one thing you can be certain of: Any money you hand over to a forex scammer is lost the moment you part with it.

The question is, how do you check out someone who is offering what sounds like an irresistible investment offer? Here are some of the ways: Find out whether the local police department or Better Business Bureau has complaints on file.

If so, you can make your investment decision accordingly. Or it may mean you will have the distinction of becoming the first victim in town. It could also mean that other victims have been too embarrassed to report their losses. Make a phone call to the financial editor of your local newspaper.

It could be that the police, Better Business Bureau or newspaper in the community where the offer is coming from will be able to provide information. Some scammers—particularly telephone boiler-room operators—try to maintain a low profile in their local areas. That lessens the likelihood of their coming to the attention of local authorities; it prevents prospects from dropping by to see their operations; and it makes it more difficult for out-of-towners to discover what they are up to.

Check to see if your city or state has a consumer protection agency. In any case, the agency should be able to provide names, addresses and phone numbers of other places you can check. Contact Regulators The majority of individuals and companies offering investments to the public are subject to some sort of regulation—and may be subject to multiple regulation. Those which trade in futures contracts and options on futures contracts are regulated by the Commodity Futures Trading Commission, a federal agency, and by National Futures Association NFA , an industry wide self-regulatory organization authorized by Congress.

In the securities and securities options business, the federal regulatory agency is the Securities and Exchange Commission. By contacting the appropriate regulatory organization, you can generally find out whether the firm or person is properly registered to engage in that type of business and whether any public disciplinary actions have been taken against them.

Write or phone law enforcement agencies. Whether or not a person or firm is subject to the scrutiny of a regulatory organization, the fact is that fraud is against the law in every state of the nation. And if it involves interstate commerce including the use of the mails or phone lines—federal criminal statutes apply. If an investment sounds suspicious, check with the appropriate agency. They may be able to furnish information or conduct an investigation of their own.

The following are some you could contact:


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99Binary, London, United Kingdom. likes. UK based online Binary Options platform.

99Binary Review Overview. Being mainly US client focused, this ultra low dealing cost policy has gained a lot of popularity in the US. Trading Platform. 99Binary uses the reliable Panda trading platform which is web based and it is designed for ease of use and flexibility. It offers economic calendar, major news events and key. Is 99binary a legit broker or not? Full Review on, a leading binary options platform offering up to % welcome Bonus/5(3). 

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Think 99binary is a fraud? Searching the web for complaints has turned out well. The comments found various from scam to great. Read what Martin has to say. The latest Tweets from 99Binary (@99Binary). We are a brokerage that specializes in binary options trading &investments. We lead the industry because we employ & network with the best experts worldwide. United Kingdom.

After reading a lot of complaints from traders concerning 99Binary, and given the fact that they are NOT regulated by any authority, we can tell you that your money is definitely not safe with away from 99Binary has four different types of trades: High/Low, One Touch, Range, and Hyper. Range trading is a great way to make money in flat markets, and is not the most commonly offered form of binary options trading, so it is great to see it here.1/10(1).

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