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We found that Plus offers competitive variable spreads.

Education Plus provides no educational material. This language switch is designed to make traders feel comfortable wherever they are. 

Leverage may vary based on the chosen financial instruments.

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Investopedia analyzed Plus's fees, financial products, trading platform, and more. See why this broker earned a /5.

Interested traders need only complete the application process and deposit their funds. This makes Plus an excellent option for motivated traders who don't want to be hounded but who want to explore the world of financial trading on their own. Risk Management Offerings There are several risk management tools offered at Plus traders which provide traders with a necessary peace of mind.

It should be noted that all Plus trades have a minimum leverage requirement. Traders can also set guaranteed 'Close at Profit' [Limit] or 'Close at Loss' [Stop loss] price levels for specific instruments which can limit the trader's risk. This is a feature we always look for and one not offered by all or even most brokers. In addition, you can set price alerts to be notified when the market reaches a specified buy or sell price.

Unlike a stop, a price alert keeps the position open, so you can decide what action to take as the market moves. An additional tool offered at Plus is their trailing stop which is similar to a price limit in the sense that both are designed to protect profits.

Leverage may vary based on the chosen financial instruments. Additional Offerings Plus was one of the first brokers to offer leveraged trading on bitcoins which were made available as CFDs in April and the broker offered 1: In January , it responded to demands of its clients and increased its leverage to 1: In all other aspects, the bitcoin is treated the same as the other Plus CFDs and can be traded in the Plus demo account.

The Plus website can be viewed in 32 different languages and visitors may be automatically redirected to the site in the language they come from even if they'd been previously browsing the web in another language and can then navigate back to another language if desired. This language switch is designed to make traders feel comfortable wherever they are. While the customer service options are limited, we received responses to our chat and email queries within minutes.

However, we missed the ability to engage in a live back-and-forth conversation via live chat. No in-person support is available. Twitter What you need to know Customer service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, but only via an email-based ticketing system.

Traders do not have the option to chat live with or call a customer service representative. Even with these limitations, in our experience, customer service responses to our email submissions were prompt, knowledgeable and courteous. The FAQ section covers a wide variety of topics and has an excellent search engine. The company does not provide any in-house research articles or videos, there are no earnings calendars and there are no news feeds.

Clearly, Plus customers intend to find this information elsewhere. Plus does provide customizable charts where traders can conduct a technical analysis on any of the instruments they are interested in trading. Traders' Sentiment Know what other clients are trading. Account Snapshot Get a summary view of your current account status, profits, and open orders.

Risk Management Multiple tools to ensure you trade responsibly Economic Calendar The economic calendar is provided by Dow Jones and was reasonably detailed. Pros Plus provides what we think of as the bare minimum in a charting package: Cons Plus provides no bespoke or third-party research or analysis.

Clients will have to find their own news feeds, earnings calendars, and market commentary elsewhere. Education Plus provides no educational material. Many brokers provide courses, videos, ebooks, quizzes and so on to help clients learn more about the markets in which they are investing; but Plus provides none of these services. The broker does at least provide one legally required "Key Information Document" KID that outlines the basics of what each available instrument is and the risks associated with trading it.

Clearly Plus expects its clients to know what they're doing or, at the very least, to seek out educational material elsewhere. If clients want to learn more about what they can trade at Plus and how to effectively understand and analyze those trades, they will need to find that information elsewhere. Plus does not provide any educational material. We suspect this is by design and that they have chosen to focus exclusively on trade execution.

Bottom Line If you are a trader who conducts all of your own research and analysis and is simply looking for a broker that provides a streamlined, easy-to-use trading platform with access to a variety of financial markets, Plus may be the broker for you. The company offers access to CFD trading in Forex, stock indices, individual equities, commodities, cryptocurrencies, ETFs and options. The company does not charge commissions on any of its trades. All costs are contained within the spread for each of more than 2, trading instruments offered on Plus's WebTrader platform.

If you are looking for in-house research and education, you will need to look elsewhere. The most compelling quality we found with Plus was the lowest cost for certain key markets like the major Forex pairs, and oil. Reviewed by John Jagerson January 10, John Jagerson has worked in the capital markets and private equity for most of his career, including investing, writing and money management.

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Investopedia analyzed Plus's fees, financial products, trading platform, and more. See why this broker earned a /5. Platform Perdagangan CFD #1 Eropah (mengikut pedagang baru dalam ). Berdagang pasaran paling popular: Forex, Matawang Kripto, Saham, Komoditi, Indeks, ETF .

Plus is an innovative CFDs online trading platform (your capital is at risk). Our CFDs share trading app is user friendly, simple and intuitive. Trade leveraged CFDs on: Stocks /5(K). Read our full in-depth Plus review and compare it to other Forex brokers before deciding if Plus has the features you are looking for in a Forex broker.

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