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He had crashed a car nearby after firing multiple rounds at officers pursuing him, police said.

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After talking with hostage negotiators, the suspect handcuffed himself and surrendered, police said. Aerial footage shows police leading the suspect away in handcuffs Saturday after the standoff.

At a news conference afterward, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti said a woman inside the store was killed.

He did not identify her or say how she died. The suspect's arm was injured in an exchange of gunfire with police, Garcetti told reporters after the standoff ended. The victim's brother identified her. Eldorado worked at Trader Joe's for four to five years, Albert Corado said.

Public safety agencies responded to the standoff. An armored police vehicle was on the scene along with ambulances and dozens of law enforcement vehicles. Police swarmed the supermarket after the gunman barricaded himself inside. Six people ranging in age from 12 to 81 were taken to the hospital, the Los Angeles Fire Department said.

No one suffered life-threatening injuries, spokeswoman Margaret Stewart said. Among the injured was a year-old woman, who was removed from a vehicle, Stewart said. It was not immediately known whether that woman was part of the shooting before the grocery store standoff.

Police Chief Michel Moore said the suspect shot his grandmother seven times. She has undergone multiple surgeries at a hospital. A man exited the car and ran into the grocery store, said Don Kohles, I look around and I see a TJ's employee laying on the ground, then all the help was laying on the ground," he said.

The employee did not appear to be hurt, Kohles said. They helped carry me across the parking lot," Kohles said. Another witness said it appeared that traffic prevented the suspect from escaping police when he crashed in front of the store.


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