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In summary, we have to note that the Currenex Classic trading platform for institutional forex trading was principally developed for professional traders who trade on behalf of institutional players in the market. 

Mobile Trading Traders can access a universal mobile trading application or download the latest iPhone application to view and place orders on their accounts. Currenex uses strong encryption protocols — including digital certificates used by most major financial institutions for electronic funds transfer — to protect client trade data and bring real-time visibility to the entire trading process.

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Currenex Classic and Currenex Viking Trader platforms for institutional traders and retail broker clients.

White Label Solutions Currenex delivers a complete end-to-end white labeled trading solution designed to help you increase your bottom line, maximize your operational efficiencies and manage your risks. The Currenex White Label Solution includes comprehensive front-end execution services as well as strong back-end reporting systems, financial risk management tools and post-processing instruments. With Currenex cloud hosting, you can operate your own FX trading venue to aggregate and customize liquidity from multiple sources.

You can also deliver streaming prices to your traders by assigning user interfaces UIs , such as Currenex Classic, Currenex Viking Trader and Mobile Trading which includes access to iPhone apps , or you can access the Financial Information eXchange FIX protocol for a custom integration.

Currenex White Label Solution Workflow Aggregate Liquidity Currenex aggregation technology delivers access to multiple sources of liquidity, including proprietary liquidity sources. This technology enables you to customize your offering as you see fit. And because Currenex is connected to more than 60 banks, integration with existing counterparties is easy. To the extent you have established trading relationships with counterparties on Currenex, you can also source liquidity obtained on the Currenex platform from such counterparties.

Stream Prices to Traders With the Currenex White Label Solution you have a variety of options for streaming prices to your traders from an institutional-grade UI for professional investors to a more conventional application catering to the retail market.

All options are branded and provide real-time bids and offers, multiple order types, integrated algorithmic models and chart trading via our proprietary executable streaming price ESPTM patented technology. Currenex streaming options include: Currenex Classic UI designed for institutional traders with the expertise to trade quickly and efficiently on a wide range of currency pairs using a variety of order types, adaptable charting, and comprehensive accounting and position tracking.

Currenex Viking Trader UI geared toward retail traders, with a wide range of currency pairs available, adaptable charting, support in multiple languages, real-time news, more than 40 technical analysis tools, and comprehensive accounting and position tracking.

Mobile Trading Traders can access a universal mobile trading application or download the latest iPhone application to view and place orders on their accounts. You can configure multiple streams and autodealing preferences within the Currenex platform through the following three UIs: Currenex Margin Risk Manager The Currenex Margin Risk Manager is a feature-rich, comprehensive margining system that provides you with control of risk parameters and leverage for your traders on a trader-by-trader and currency-by-currency basis.

IPS allows you to set spreading parameters for each source of liquidity on a per-currency pair basis, then aggregates those streams into a central order book where settings may be specified for each of your traders.

Additionally, IPS provides real-time statistical reporting on liquidity providers and trader positions. Optional Solutions Currenex provides customized functionality in response to your regulatory and business requirements. We offer a variety of add-on services, including: Tools for Introducing Brokers This feature allows you to add a new introducing broker IB and adjust the types and sizes of commissions paid.

Money Manager Functionality This option lets you assign an individual money manager the ability to place orders and execute trades that are then allocated in a pre-defined proportion to one or more client accounts.

Automating the order process improves trading efficiency and accuracy by eliminating errors and potential disputes with counterparties , saving time no need for phone confirmation that an order has been filled and streamlining the confirmation process. Placing orders via Currenex enables complete trading records to be maintained electronically for ease of reporting and monitoring. On the Currenex service, users can place Limit, At Best and Stop Loss orders exclusively with user-defined bank counterparties.

For instance, the iceberg and hidden order types allow a trader to place a large order without alerting the marketplace of the true size of their order. With an iceberg order, you specify exactly how much of your order you want to display. With a hidden order, while your order is still in the market, no part of the order is visible to any of the market participants. Spreadsheet Trading In response to demand from its hedge fund clients, Currenex has added Microsoft Excel based Spreadsheet Trading to compliment its existing Execution and Order Management suite.

Clients can now build their own models in Excel using Microsoft Visual Basic. It is now possible to: Buy-side and sell-side clients achieve operational efficiencies through effecting a greater percentage of their financial transactions through a single, secure electronic service.

Increased efficiency and ease of use: Integrated and seamless STP for the complete trading lifecycle including pre-trade upload, automated trading and post trade capture with amendments. Receive live rates in response to price requests or orders. Instant access to all trade details and audit reports for viewing, printing, download or trade capture. Back office support for allocations and settlement instructions. Activity Report provides cumulative and breakout numbers of requests and completed transactions by counterparty.

Trade Ticket displays all agreed financial details. Audit Report shows all quotes received and savings. Increased automation of the entire trading process leads to greater accuracy and less manual intervention in trading processes. Instantaneous, user-defined reporting and position management is another advantage along with auditable trading records that meet management and fiduciary reporting requirements.

Access to sophisticated analytical and risk management tools is yet another benefit. View Prime Brokers already integrated to Currenex.

Currenex develops and deploys its own technology, using state-of-the-art systems and software to ensure that clients enjoy an efficient, reliable and secure Internet-based service for executing foreign exchange transactions. One of these features is the presence of a fully functional navigation bar, which has among others, a button that permits one-click trading. The one-click trading feature is not available on the Currenex Classic Trading platform. In addition, this platform possesses a navigation bar which is very basic.

In summary, we have to note that the Currenex Classic trading platform for institutional forex trading was principally developed for professional traders who trade on behalf of institutional players in the market.

Usage of this platform requires a high degree of knowledge on how to navigate the trading platform to be able to use it maximally. Many functions are not immediately obvious on looking at the platform. In contrast, the Currenex Viking trading platform was specifically built for retail forex traders. This category of traders will include those who are in the forex market principally to make money as a second stream of income, and have not received professional training in the financial markets.

As such, they need a simplified version of the trading platform to get along, and this is what the Currenex Viking provides for them. System can works well even when some emergencies happen.

A wide array of order types Viking platform allows customers to set market orders, limit orders, stop-loss orders, OCO, trailing stop orders. Once your order activated, your account financial statement will be connected directly. And your order will be accepted or canceled automatically accordingly to your requirement.

Other Features Viking platform offers more than 40 technical analysis tools. Customisable features include outstanding order management, rich graphics, full reporting and free resources. Currenex Classic has the strongest Forex interface. The foreign exchange market with extensive summary ability, can provide the most clear on the foreign exchange market liquidity.

Currenex Classic with a low-latency execution interface is the best choice for professional traders.


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The Currenex platform enables FX and bullion trading through two platforms: Currenex Classic, and Currenex Viking. An award-winning platform, this innovative technology guarantees deep liquidity, competitive price quotes, and seamless execution for .

Currenex is a market-leading technology provider offering the FX community high-performance technology and deep pools of liquidity . Currenex Classic and Currenex Viking Trader platforms for institutional traders and retail broker clients. 

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Check out Currenex Viking platform that help you spot opportunities and dynamically manage your investments, it offers a higher level of service. Currenex an Overview Based in New York, Currenex was the first online multi-dealer trading platform and was established way back in Currenex doesn’t advertise itself as ECN opting to describe itself as providing an enhanced STP solution.

Jan 19,  · This new platform is called Viking Trader and is offered by a top tier Currenex prime broker that is extremely well-capitalized. A huge advantage (besides the inst. spreads & funding requirement) is the ability to trade through the charts and receive live streaming news, which many platforms do not allow. Below is a list of Currenex forex brokers. Some of them like FXCM, Henyep and FXDD are listed as white label partners on simpsons-online.tk, others claim to be provided with liquidity by Currenex. RoboForex to discontinue Currenex Viking .

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