Chinese Cryptocurrency Billionaire Calls Neo Worthless, Tron a Scam, and Qtum Garbage

Li Xiaolai founded Bitfund in and has invested heavily in a large number of blockchain projects.

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Jul 05,  · Chinese Bitcoin Tycoon, Li XiaoLai was secretly recorded calling NEO, QTUM and Binance as scams. Blockstream announces a new .

It should take it. Investors should ignore several red herrings in this issue: Given names are generally only used by close family members and friends, while professional pseudonyms are often used in business settings. Many people use an English handle when dealing with foreigners. As with all the team bios, Qtum should have linked to it. The community should not expect Qtum to be a fully decentralized project right out of the gate.

Qtum has emphasized a focus on blockchain industry applications and regulatory compliance. The token distribution will be more centralized than other projects. This could change in the future, but the team seemingly made all aspects of governance predictable and controllable for two years. Perhaps ownership of the network will become more decentralized over time as the foundation distributes its token holdings, but there is no guarantee it will.

The revelations about Dai do not change any of these factors. Roger Ver has confirmed his involvement with Qtum in an interview with 8btc. Anthony Di Iorio confirmed his through twitter. Other prominent members the project claims are involved have had plenty of time to deny involvement. They are highly susceptible. Tron and EOS are two examples of where hype and community seem to be overtaking what could be called common sense. Tron is largely copied from other cryptocurrencies and Justin Sun uses social media aggressively to promote his coin and gain followers.

Meanwhile, the governance model of EOS is as far from decentralized as possible. Both have a strong following. It seems that each new cryptocurrency that is created is one step further away from the initial vision of Satoshi Nakamoto. It may help to remember that bitcoin was launched with no ICO and no figurehead, unlike the majority of its successors. Quantum Code is all set to launch in August The system is new and therefore I needed to look deeper into it by investing in it as a Beta tester.

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Qtum is an upcoming ICO that has gathered attention for its high profile backers. An investigation has revealed its founder has a questionable past.

It is SOOO Scammy that Exodus Wallet / Bittrex / etc risks their reputation by adding Qtum to the exchange right? Sure. If it was a scam, how come the coin isn't dead by now and people are. Get Qtum reviews, rating, sentiment score and other cryptocurrency info. Research the Qtum project, team and whitepaper so that you can determine if Qtum is a scam. 

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Neo Worthless, Tron a Scam and Qtum Garbage. The recording was over 50 minutes long, and the following translations have been taken from Asiacryptotoday. We checked Qtum for scam and fraud. Our comprehensive review will show you if Qtum is legit and whether it is safe.

Recent accusations have dogged the Qtum project. Here is Smith + Crown's summary of the Qtum Controversy: Patrick Dai’s exit it is unlikely Qtum is a scam. typical article today is dedicated to the fans or prospective investor Qtum Platform Qtum scandal in the world Cryptocurrency. involved in the scandal Scam.

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