Medallionaire App (Medallion Bot) Review;

There are only some still images of him, and our sources have confirmed that they indeed are the main brains behind this app.

Medallion App Scam Before going into the scam issue, we want to introduce this app and its proclaimed promises to you. If it were him, the founder of a promising auto trading app, he would have been interviewed by a lot of media, causing a wide popularity of the same. 

But we were shocked to see there is no relation between this renowned mathematician and the Medallion app company, Renaissance Technologies. This trades can be viewed or set up easily via any web browser or a mobile device.

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Medallion APP Review By James Simons is Medallion APP System Scam Or Legit? Is Medallion APP Trading System Real? Read My Medallion APP Review Until Think To Invest in APP.

He then started a hedge fund called the Medallion Fund, which has been very successful. The problem is that James Simons has absolutely nothing to do with the Medallion App. His Medallion Fund works on the stock market but has nothing to do with binary options, which is actually a different platform then the stock market. Many traders confuse the stock market with binary options, as they are connected.

Be aware that James Simons and the Medallion App are not connected, never have been and never will be. The creators behind the Medallion App are lying through their teeth! They then show us a few news articles that seem to make the connection between the Medallion App and James Simons. Every article is a fraud. They have taken old articles off the web and photoshopped them to appear to support their claim. Take a look at a few we saw. Check out this article screenshot from the Medallion App website.

Here you can see it states that it was written in Sept of Medallion App Scam Review Click on this link to view the original article and compare the differences. You can see here that the original article was written back in September of ! Medallion App Scam Review Here is another example.

Is that how it is going to be with this app? Does it not provide more value? The set up is truly easy and you are not even going to get frustrated along the way. This is one of those things that is going to stand out as soon as you start using it. The seamless integration of varying markets is truly unique. Quick Results No one wants to wait around for the results to come by and it is as simple as this. The software is tremendous because the time it takes to money is nothing at all.

Yes, it is that quick and truly that easy! A major plus point with regards to what this software is able to bring to the table for a trader. You will fall in love with it for the speed alone and the overall consistency being brought forward. Fantastic Customer Service Imaging paying for something and then not knowing what to do.

Who are you going to call in such a situation? You are going to call the developers. What if all they cared about was your money? Not a nice situation to be in right?

Well, this is one of the best developing teams in this regard. They understand clients are not just going to want to purchase the software and call it a day. They have nailed it down with regards to what is needed to develop a positive relationship. Reasonable Claims It is one thing to make claims and then to make unreasonable ones. In this case, the company has made sure proper value is being brought in and those who are going to be using the app make the most of it.

The reason this app is wonderful has to do with the reasonable claims it is making. The algorithm works, but it is not a magic pill and they never claim for it to be. Requires Commitment There are some software options on the market which claim to do a lot and then fail. This app is not one of them and there is a reason for this. It has to do with the necessity of commitment on the part of a trader. Those who are not committed to setting up trades properly and making sure the software is being used properly will fail.

It is as simple as this.


Medallion App Scam 

Is Medallion App Trading System a Scam? Medallion App is the new trading system started by James Simons that lets you make $35, per week. You are required to deposit $ in your trading account and then link your trading account to the Medallion .

Thinking of investing in James Simons Medallionaire App? Well Don't! Read my in-depth review first and make an Informed Decision Today. We have discovered enough evidence to show that the is a this review of Medallion App system we shall set out the facts and expose all the deliberate deception and faked credentials that are being used to promote this scam. 

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Is Medallion App a Scam?

Medallion app is a scam. Find out hidden truth about Medallion and don't take any decision before checking this post. Medallion APP Review By James Simons is Medallion APP System Scam Or Legit? Is Medallion APP Trading System Real? Read My Medallion APP Review Until Think To Invest in APP.

Medallion App Scam Review. Before you fall for the hype, please read our review of the Medallion App as we uncover whether it is legit or a scam? is a binary trading system showing great potential as traders are profiting well. Read our Medallion App Review on why it may Not be a Scam!

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