FXCM US clients to be transferred to Forex.com on February 24, 2017

The one thing that struck me as a little strange is that if FXCM Micro is a service that caters to new traders, you would think they would the best customer support possible including email, phone, as well as real time chat.

A number of different account types which include: For seasoned traders, advanced fields can be further customized for automated trading, technical analysis, or to import custom indicators. 

In addition to being extremely reputed the company also boasts of having an excellent array of platforms with assets available to all traders.

“The Daily Review”. The one and only. 

FXCM is a leading online forex trading and CFD broker. Sign up for a risk-free demo account and trade forex 24/5.

But the list goes on beyond these few notable mentions. In addition to being extremely reputed the company also boasts of having an excellent array of platforms with assets available to all traders. The company is backed by a substantial capital backbone.

It is one of the most well reputed, established and influential brokers with a business history of over a decade. The fact that it has been in this industry for such a long time has meant that it has strong ties with many banks, boasts of having strong market analysts, and excellent service staff.

So, problems are resolved quickly for an ever expanding client base and that in turn means that they continue to generate millions in profits. Having a diverse array of technologies at their disposal means that they can help cater to any type of trader regardless of if they are algorithmic traders or just scalpers.

Traders that use the Active Trader Platform can benefit from lower spreads which can go as low as 0. FXCM has agreements with many international banks to ensure traders benefit from the best spreads. That said draining liquidity which is associated with market turmoil can often lead to much larger spread differences.

The commission charged by FXCM is mainly based on volume, but high volume traders can negotiate a reduction. The company offers up a leverage of up to Though an experienced and successful trader is able to manage loss and leverage to ensure a profitable outcome. It is a very popular trading platform also called MT4. It allows traders to exploit its flexibility and array of options to make money. It is a special platform which allows traders to view the flow of how orders are moving towards FXCM and then exploit that to get lower spreads for a small commission.

It allows for viewing ten levels of depth which also enables people to identify resistance and support points which then enables them create substantial advantages when analyzing the markets and executing trades. The mobile trading platform by FXCM gives traders the ability to easily analyze and access live charts, and take the latest market news into consideration.

Rates are streamed live via the platform, equity levels, margin, and balance can also be easily checked. Plus, traders can even open and close trades with just a few taps on their screens. FXCM Mobile can be used with both micro and standard accounts. FXCM definitely has one of the best platforms we have seen Commission and Spreads The commission, fees, and spreads will mainly depend on the account type that the trader uses.

Those opting for much larger accounts also need to pay commission. Support For Beginners FXCM provides a great deal of support for beginners via daily market news, seminars conducted online, FAQs and visual tutorials amongst other efforts. The goal is to educate beginners about trading forex, and the material makes learning easy. I tried to change the password, and it wouldn't allow me. I faxed the withdrawal form, FXCM never responded.

I then attached the form using e-mail, there wasn't any response either. A month has passed. I get mad and i call everone names. I dont know why after all these years FXCM cant get everything worked out right over there, so I think it comes down to money management. After being spiked out of trade, after trade, after trade I started using smaller lot size's. I dont make as much profit but I survive the spikes and flat times that always seem to happen right after I enter my trades although rarely happen when I would trade demo accts.

It always makes me go.. Hmmmmm whats going on here with this platform?



Micro Index CFDs from 8p per point and commission free; Enhanced Execution – Trade Better! US Stock Indices are Moving! More Volatility Ahead? Trade the Global Markets: Forex, Index CFDs and Gold. When you're ready, you can open an FXCM account .

Sep 29,  · As of September , FXCM will no longer be offering Micro or Mini accounts. FXCM remains as one of the most reputable and highly-respected Forex brokers in the world, and their commitment to their traders comes through in their top-notch trading platforms and their low spreads. To learn more about /5. I love Fxcm micro. They explicitly explain why the customer service is top notch for micro accounts. I manage my trades very well. I traded from $ to $ in one month and then from $ to $ the following month. 

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×An email was recently sent to your e-mail address on file with instructions on how to update your password. Your authorization information was sent to the email address specified in your contacts. Is FXCM reliable or a scam? 67 comments. FXCM is a very big Forex broker with plenty of thousand traders and with a high trafficked website. But you don’t hear only good things about FXCM. Quite the reverse: You hear a lot of bad things. I have withdrawn thousands of pounds from my FXCM account and have had no problems. Reply.

Today, GAIN Capital made a step towards welcoming FXCM US clients – simpsons-online.tk’s website now features a dedicated section for them. On Friday, February 24, , all existing balances and positions will be automatically transferred to the new simpsons-online.tk accounts. GAIN Capital provided a brief comment on the situation post acquisition. FXCM is shutting down its FXCM Micro service. Micro lot trading is now available on FXCM Basic accounts.

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