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You should read these terms and conditions carefully and keep them for your future reference.

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In CommSec became the first Australian brokerage firm to offer a brokerage website specifically designed for a portable-device. 

Select the limit that meets your needs from the drop-down menu. This card used to allow you to load cash onto the card and then spend your own money overseas fee free, either as a credit card or cash withdrawn from ATMs.


To receive SuperStream data your SMSF needs to provide your employer with its bank details and an electronic service address (alias), which you get from an SMSF messaging provider.

Investors do not hold a retail deposit directly with the bank. September 19, at 6: January 11, at 3: Saw Telenet offering 7. Something for you Telenet holders is that you CAN have your income or share dividends paid directly into this account in spite of the fact that very few Bankwest staff members are aware of it.

Telenet started dropping their rates on my account in spite of them continuing to offer a higher interest to new customers. Currently my Telenet is paying 4. So in October I looked around and low and behold Members Equity were offering 0.

So I opened my MEOnline account and transfrerred the bulk of my savings to it. Now a mere 75 days later their rate has dropped from 7. This time I stumbled across another option. It is AMP bank. Yup, they now have a bank section and the best deal I have been able to find to date. But after the jerking aroung these other online accounts have been giving me I decided to research it nonetheless.

Nwow I know there are couple of smaller banks offering an introductory 5. For one it allows you to do all your banking on the one account. No need to transfer funds to an outside or linked account to pay bills or access your money. They offer you a free optional cheque book and deposit book. Not having branches mkaes it a little awkward for depositing cheques, but unlike ME you get the option of posting them in without charge as well as the usual Gyro post which costs you.

Cheers February 5, at 4: Such a shame given it was easily the best account in Australia. February 20, at Raboplus now appears with a page for comparing interest rates http: RaboPlus customer service is a an absolute joke, its hard to believe that they actually exists. I had a maturing Term Deposit dated , I received a letter post marked on the , but only received the letter on the 28th asking if I would like to renegotiate this deposit at the same interest rate, as the one maturing on the Thier next best option was to mail the form back to them.

They said that the offer could only be made by letter as the email facilites were not secure. I agree, but why not email the offer and have some on-line form of accetance.

This concept was lost on them. I got a call back an hour later saying that I could request this offer to be accepted using the secure email messaging once I had logged into their website. Fantastic I though now we are getting somewhere. Well my message was sent on the 1st of Sep, and now its the 7th of Sep. We may prevent you from withdrawing the amount of a claimed MIP while we investigate that claim, including while we wait on and consider your response to any notification we send you.

Refusal of service In the event that you or a signatory appears to be a Proscribed Person, then we may immediately refuse to process or complete any transaction or dealing of yours; request the return of a cheque book; suspend the provision of a product or service to you; refuse to allow or to facilitate any of your assets held by us to be used or dealt with; refuse to make an asset available to you to any other proscribed person or entity; or terminate these arrangements with you.

We will be under no liability to you if we do any or all of these things. Our rights under this clause are in addition to all other rights we may have. Agency opening hours The Bank does not regulate the hours in which Australia Post offices and authorised agencies conduct banking business. You should check their banking business hours with the Australia Post office or authorised agency.

Payment of interest Interest rates are tiered according to the account balance. Interest is calculated daily and is credited to your account on the first day of each month and when the account is closed or switched to another account. Rates of interest are determined by the Bank by reference to the short term money market and may fluctuate from day to day. You may obtain details of the previous day s interest rates by telephoning your Private Banker. The average interest rate for the previous month is also available on request.

Cheque facility Provided you are 18 years of age or over, you may apply to the Bank for issue of a cheque book to operate your account. You must only use the cheque forms supplied by the Bank. Stamp duty where applicable is charged to your account when a cheque book is issued. If it appears to us on reasonable grounds that your conduct of the cheque facility is not satisfactory e. We will process any cheques presented to us after, but which were drawn before such notice.

We can give no undertaking as to the fate of such cheques. They will be dealt with in accordance with these terms and conditions. The Bank may at its discretion require new and existing accountholders to lodge a minimum opening balance or have a minimum balance before the cheque facility is provided. If you have an overdraft facility refer to Clause 15 and try to make any withdrawal transaction which would cause the agreed overdraft limit to be exceeded, or you have no overdraft facility and try to make any withdrawal transaction which would cause the balance of the account to be overdrawn, we are not required to honour your cheque or allow the withdrawal transaction refer to Clause The Bank s The Better Banking Book, provides some useful information about cheques to help you operate your cheque facility.

Account combination You agree that the Bank may combine or set-off the balance of this account with any other on demand account or with any loan account for which the Bank holds security that you have or may have in the future with us. The Bank s rights under this clause do not extend to any account which has a facility which is regulated by the National Credit Code. In such cases, the Bank may still exercise its banker s right of account combination.

Please refer to The Better Banking Book for information on the consequences of account combination. If the Bank elects to combine your accounts it will observe any applicable requirements of the Code of Operation for Centrelink Direct Credit Payments. If that is a debit balance, you will remain liable to repay that amount to us. We will inform you promptly after exercising our right to combine your accounts.

Debit balances If you make any withdrawal or other payment e. If you have an overdraft facility refer to Clause 15 and try to make any withdrawal transaction which would cause the agreed overdraft limit to be exceeded, or you have no overdraft facility and try to make any withdrawal transaction which would cause an overdrawing of your account, we are not required to honour your cheque or allow the withdrawal.

However, depending upon what we do in relation to the cheque or withdrawal transaction, we will be entitled to charge fees as described overleaf. The interest on that advance will be calculated daily and charged to your account monthly on the first day of each month and when the account is closed or switched to another account; and we apply any payments to your account first in repayment of that advance and any interest charged.

If we do not allow you to overdraw your account or exceed your overdraft limit, we are entitled to charge a dishonour fee please refer to the Fees and charges for common banking services section on page 15 for processing the disallowed withdrawal transaction.

Overdraft facility Provided you are 18 years of age or over you may apply to the Bank for establishment of an overdraft limit. Other terms and conditions apply to the conduct of an overdraft facility on your account. These terms and conditions are provided to you when the Bank offers you an overdraft, and you should refer to them for all information relating to the overdraft on your account.

If there is any inconsistency between the Commonwealth Private Bank Account terms and conditions in this document and the relevant overdraft terms and conditions provided to you, the overdraft terms and conditions will apply to the extent of such inconsistency.

Statements of account Unless the account is inactive refer to Clause 19 , the Bank sends you a statement of account each month. You may request more frequent statements. You may request a statement to be issued at any time by telephoning your Private Banker. When the account is conducted jointly with another person and where the joint accountholders live at the same address, the Bank sends one statement of account addressed to both accountholders.

When the joint accountholders live at different addresses, the statement is sent to the nominated postal address. Electronic banking Electronic access to your account is governed by the Electronic Banking Terms and Conditions. A copy can be obtained from any branch of the Bank or from commbank.

When opening your account you will be given a copy of the Electronic Banking Terms and Conditions which reflects the epayments Code. Please refer to the Bank s current schedule of standard fees and charges for details.

Overseas ATM owners may also charge a fee but may not disclose it. If you proceed with the transaction, the ATM owner s fee will be debited to your account in addition to any amount you withdraw. Withdrawals made overseas through the Maestro, Cirrus or MasterCard networks of electronic terminals attract the fees applying to those services. An access fee is debited to your account at the time of the withdrawal. A schedule of charges for common Bank services is available on request from your Private Banker.

You authorise the Bank to debit the account with costs associated with your dealings in securities if any through Commonwealth Securities Limited or Commonwealth Private Limited including brokerage, stamp duty and administration fees. Inactive accounts An account becomes inactive when no customer-initiated transactions are made on the account for 6 consecutive, complete calendar months. When an account becomes an inactive account a statement of account will be sent and, until a customer-initiated transaction is made, statements will be sent half-yearly.

Government charges Government taxes and charges, where applicable, are charged to your account. Each of the changes in paragraphs a to f is a separate right and this clause 21A is to be read as if such change was a separately expressed right.

Each of the changes in paragraphs g to q is a separate right and this clause 21B is to be read as if such change was a separately expressed right. How we notify you of changes to your account features and terms and conditions? We will give you at least 30 days prior written notice of: If the Bank otherwise varies these terms and conditions or varies its standard fees and charges or any interest rate, the Bank will notify you either in writing or by advertisement in the national media or local media, no later than the day on which the change takes effect.

The Bank will notify you of the introduction or variation of any government charge either in writing or by advertisement in the national media or local media, unless the government, a government agency or representative body has already publicised the introduction or variation.

You agree that we may give you notice as set out in this section. Not happy with the change? If you do not accept these changes, you may close your account with us without fee or charge subject to any rights of account combination the Bank may have and any legal obligation of the Bank to pay any part of your account balance to a third party.

Change of name or address You are required to notify the Bank promptly of a change to your name or address. Closure of account The Bank is entitled to close the account on reasonable notice if the account has a credit balance, or without notice if the account has a nil balance or is overdrawn and has not been operated on for three 3 months or more.

Where the Bank closes your account and there is a credit balance, the Bank will transfer the balance to another active deposit account in the same name as your Commonwealth Private Bank Account or send you a bank cheque.

If you do not make a deposit or withdrawal on the account for three 3 years or within this period you have not notified us that you wish for us to treat your account as active, the Bank will close the account without giving you notice and will transfer any credit balance to an unclaimed moneys fund.

Balances over a prescribed amount go to the Commonwealth Government s unclaimed moneys fund where they may earn interest; balances below the prescribed amount will not earn interest.

You may apply for the transferred balance to be returned to you at any time. We may also collect publicly available information about you.

If you don t want to receive marketing information you can tell us by calling If you give us your electronic and telephone details, you agree we may use this to communicate with you electronically, by phone or SMS, including providing updates, reminders and unless you tell us not to marketing information.

If you change your personal details e. We may also exchange your information with others outside the Group, for example, your representatives, our service providers, other financial institutions for example, in relation to a mistaken payment claim , enforcement and government authorities, relevant public registers and payment system operators for example, BPAY Pty Ltd.

Sometimes it may be necessary to send your information overseas for example, where we outsource functions overseas, send information to Group members overseas, where we need to complete a transaction on your behalf or where this is required by laws and regulations in Australia or in another country. See our Group Privacy Policy for more information.

It contains further details about our information collection and handling practices including information about: We encourage you to check our website regularly for any updates to the Policy. Additional Obligations The Bank may be subject to laws or regulations in Australia or another country that affect your relationship with the Bank e.

Laws that address taxation. So that we may comply with our obligations under these laws or regulations, we may: Dispute resolution It is important for us to know when you have a problem so we can resolve it and retain your confidence. Please call your Private Banker if you have any issues you would like to discuss.

Our managers are also available to resolve your concerns. If, at this stage, your complaint hasn t been resolved to your satisfaction, please contact our Customer Relations team: By mail Financial Ombudsman Service Limited GPO Box 3 Melbourne VIC By telephone By facsimile Severance If any provision of these terms and conditions is found to be illegal, void or unenforceable for unfairness or any other reason for example, if a court or other tribunal or authority declares it so the remaining provisions of these terms and conditions will continue to apply to the extent possible as if the void or unenforceable part had never existed.

If you are no longer a client of Commonwealth Private or you no longer meet Commonwealth Private client eligibility criteria, the Bank reserves the right to transition your Commonwealth Private Bank Account to another Commonwealth Bank account on reasonable notice.

This new account may not have the same interest rates or product features. For current eligibility criteria go to commbank. The following information explains the fees and charges that may be applied to your account. No fee is charged for any transaction that fails, as a result of customer or network error. No exemptions or concessions apply to access fees.

For foreign currency transactions, MasterCard International Incorporated MasterCard converts purchases and withdrawals in United States dollars into Australian dollar equivalents, and converts purchases and withdrawals in other foreign currencies into United States dollar equivalents and then into Australian dollar equivalents, at the rates set by MasterCard on the day MasterCard processes the purchases or withdrawals.

For purchase transactions overseas but in Australian dollars, an international transaction fee will apply.


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Commonwealth Direct Investment Account (CDIA) is a product of the Commonwealth Bank. CDIA is marketed and administered by CommSec. The information on this website has been prepared without considering your objectives, financial and .

The CDIA for CommSec is a cash management account specifically designed for CommSec share traders, allowing you to trade, save and transact, when and where it suits you. That's why we say it’s 'always on'. Your cash account for trading The Commonwealth Direct Investment Account (CDIA) is the preferred cash management account for CommSec share traders - with it you can seamlessly settle trades, transact and earn interest. 

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CommBank’ s SMSF cash account, the SMSF Commonwealth Direct Investment Account (CDIA) is a bank account designed for use in conjunction with a Self Managed Super Fund. It is not a superannuation product in its own right. The Commonwealth Direct Investment Account (CDIA) is designed as a settlement account to allow easy share trading with a low per-trade brokerage fee, as well as functioning as an everyday transaction account, with an option of a debit Mastercard.

Nov 02,  · 2. CDIA issues monthly statement and attract $1 fee if you choose to receive statements by mail. 3. CDIA is good for sending and receiving funds from oversea via Commonwealth Bank. 4. CDIA shows up on NetBank and in many way is similar to CBA transaction account with branch access. The Commonwealth Direct Investment Account (CDIA) for CommSec does not incur a monthly account keeping fee. Online transfers, direct debits and withdrawals from Commonwealth Bank ATMs are also free.

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