It is no more a concept of randomness, but any chaos has a certain order. The success of investors usually depends on the success of the leader — trader. 

Bullish reversal bar indicates a lower minimum relative to previous bars and closes above its midpoint.


Trading - Bill Williams - Trading Chaos (I) - Free ebook download as PDF File .pdf) or read book online for free/5(5).

This Fractal Trading Strategy will answer all your questions about fractals, and show you step by step how to use these to hit consistent winning trades. But before we start trading using fractals profitably, I want to give you some background information on Bill Williams himself to help you understand the significance if these special indicators.

Quick Overview of Bill Williams: Trading Fractals Bill Williams Mr. Williams developed a truly unique theory from combining the Chaos Theory with the trading psychology and the effects that each has on the market movement. Bill Williams vast knowledge of stocks, commodity, foreign exchange markets, led him to develop many different indicators including fractal trading patterns.

Each indicator has its specific value, and are great to trade with if you understand the basic concepts of each one! These dimensions include the following: These powerful indicators are not outdated, as some claim they are, and they work very well when you apply the right strategy.

His indicators come standard on most all trading platforms. How does fractal indicator work? These fractals are formed when five repeated bars align in a distinct manner. You need the fifth bar to close to discover the highest high or lowest low. We will go more into detail about this indicator and show you how to use alligator indicator. You can find the fractal indicator on mt4 or other popular trading platforms. There is no need to have to run a fractal indicator download because it will be there already for you.

How does Bill william alligator indicator work? This indicator consists of 3 specific moving averages. The period line is called the Jaw blue The 8-period line is called the teeth red The 5-period line is called the lips green We will go more into this indicator in a bit, but I wanted you to know that each of these lines has a specific name to them because we will reference these later on in the strategy.

Here is what the alligator looks like: These are only two of a total 5 indicators that Bill Williams developed. As you can see above, those are all 5 of Bill Williams powerful indicators that come standard on your trading platform. Fractal Trading Strategy Steps: As I have said, they do come standard on every trading platform that I am aware of so this should be very simple for you to do. Once you do this your chart will look like this: Step 2 Trading fractals bill Williams: The fractals indicate a bottom or a top.

The basic fractal indicator is composed of a very minimum of 5 bars. So when you see a fractal here is what may have happened for it to appear: There were a series of at least five successive bars, with the highest high in the middle and then the two lower highs are on both sides.

There was a reversing series of at least five successive bars, when the lowest low is in the middle and the two higher lows were on both sides which forms a sell fractal Fractals can appear with only one candle to the right of it but be aware that this is an unconfirmed fractal because the price action may pierce through the level.

So in order for a fractal to appear and stay on the chart forever, the trader must wait for 2 candles to the right of the fractal. The fractals have whats called a high and a low value. When the alligator is asleep, don't open any orders.

Once the alligator wakes up, it opens its mouth the balance lines diverge and starts hunting. Having eaten enough, it goes to sleep again the balance lines converge. If the Alligator isn't asleep, the market is either bullish or bearish the victim runs away from the alligator: If the price is above the alligator's mouth, there is a bullish trend; If the price is below the alligator's mouth, there's a bearish trend. One more useful Alligator's function is its help in identification of Elliott waves.

If the price is outside the Alligators jaws, the impuls wave is being formed by the market; while if the price is within the jaws, then there is the correction wave.

The Gator Oscillator was created in order to simplify trading using Alligator. In order to impose the Gator Oscillator on the chart press "Indicators" button on the toolbar and choose "Bill Williams" - "Gator Oscillator".

We won't change the settings of the indicator. All the bars of each histogram are coloured in green and red colours:


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The Alligator system by Bill Williams is made up of three displaced moving averages that are useful for determining market bias. Learn about this unique system.

Bill Williams Indicators were designed by legendary trader Bill Williams as he developed his trading strategy. Learn how to use the indicators for trading. Mar 15,  · The Fractal Trading Strategy uses both Williams Fractals and Alligator Indicator. This Trading strategy shows you the best fractal trading techniques.5/5(1). 

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Apr 21,  · Hello traders, I recently found out chaos system and read the books about it (by Bill Williams). I was convinced by the reading I tried the system for a while. Unless we change our direction, we are most likely to end up where we are headed (Chinese proverb) Hello, dear friends, Forex traders! Today we talk about a classical Profitunity strategy from the.

Bill Williams - New Trading Dimensions How to Profit from Chaos in Stocks, Bonds, and Commodities Download,best forex,trading,library of trader. Bill Williams Indicators — Check out the trading ideas, strategies, opinions, analytics at absolutely no cost!

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