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A giant ruse so these scammers can run away with your money.

Besides the direct damage they do, such daringly straightforward scams give the entire crypto industry a bad name. Even now, people are sending Ripples to the above listed address, effectively handing them over to the scammers. 

Divulging how many coins you own can make you a target of hackers and identity thieves.

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RippleCode by James White is a dangerous Scam you don't want to invest with. Read my Ripple Code Review before wasting money on a .

Ripple's CEO says it's easier to get on a plane with a bag of cash, instead of sending it through the banking system. Ripple is looking to replace SWIFT and it has a helluva chance in doing so because its transactions take 3. MUFG will utilize Ripple's blockchain to keep track of account balances in between different global banks they work with. They aren't using Ripple's crypto currency yet, XRP. That's because the first phase is to get banks using the blockchain, then convert them over to XRP to settle up balances.

You might have heard the common criticism of XRP as an investment; the banks don't have to use it, so it's just junk! The second phase of Ripple, getting banks to start using XRP to settle up balances, truly won't be implemented for another years. Imagine being able to profit millions within 3 months.

Persuading traders to invest with RippleCode is their goal. Which is why we advise caution and read our review before making any further decision. Trading apps like Ripple Code are what give only trading a bad reputation. This scam exploits exotic dreams of financial freedom and five figure daily earnings. And they say this can all be done with a few button clicks.

Ripple Code, also referred several times by James as Ripple Millionaire Club, is in fact a verified relaunch of older Scams. It was easy to figure this out because both scams contain the same introductory video. Now it seems these scammers are back for another round so they can steal our money……again. The same scammy qualities we found in its older versions are the same within Ripple Code.

In these situations, i want to ask you this simple question: We also proved Bitcoin Code was developed by the same scammers who created another damaging fraud called Profits Eternity. As you can see, Ripple Code comes from a long line of corrupt systems.

Except for the software names themselves. Same videos and stock images used in both scams, proving these scam-artists are relentless. Who Created Ripple Code We have no idea their exact identities. See our Expanded Rules wiki page for more details about this rule. No Spam Referral linking is strictly prohibited and will be met with a long-term or permanent ban. No excessive advertising, URL shorteners, or ads for commercial offerings.

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Ripple is not a scam. It's banks adapting to a new global currency and banking system. Honestly I think it's pretty cool, and I think it will help these banks stay alive for longer.

Ripple is a scam from CryptoCurrency. As many of you have likely noticed, Ripple has skyrocketed in value, becoming the 2nd most valuable cryptocurrency by market cap (reaching close to $9 Billion this morning). However, it seems that many people treat Ripple like any other cryptocurrency, like Bitcoin and Ethereum. Ripple Code claims that it’s a completely free system that can make you a guaranteed $7, per day automatically. Apparently a guy named James White will allow you to use his Cryptocurrency advertising placement flipping system completely free. 

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Ripple is the most hated cryptocurrencies, and people have good reasons to hate it, but it doesn’t mean it is a scam. The video, which by the way has 2/3 dislikes, says that banks don’t use XRP and that it’s stupid to invest in this token. There appears to be a campaign on bitcointalk to discredit ripple including some forum members claiming they offered money to claim ripple is a scam. Also ripple has a close relationship with Google, which makes some people uncomfortable. However, nothing about the service or the people working on the service indicate a scam.

Former Ripple CTO's Blockchain Project Coil Enters Closed Beta Aug 31, The new company, which incorporates the Interledger and Codius technologies Thomas helped develop at Ripple, is now available to try out. Ripple's CEO says it's easier to get on a plane with a bag of cash, instead of sending it through the banking system. Ripple is looking to replace SWIFT and it has a helluva chance in doing so because its transactions take seconds and is 80% cheaper.

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