We will try to find a strategy besides bladerunner, that shows prospective backtesting! Some might be profitable while others not so much, depending on your knowledge and prior research. 

Here are the results on the beginning of day 2:

Cryptotrader Review 

Jan 03,  · A great Cryptocurrency Trading Bot is a must if you want to make a ton of money trading crypto currency. List of the Best cryptocurrency trading bots for tra.

If the Bitcoin price is exploding, other cryptocurrencies will probably decline! Let us explain, why it is always like that! To do this, let us show you the current situation: Why does it come to this phenomenon, that altcoins fall when Bitcoin rises? Well, it is simple since all cryptocoins are connected to Bitcoin. This leads to the fact, that if Bitcoin rises, then also the value of any altcoin will rise because all altcoins can be traded for BTC. If the statement above would be wrong, then the price of each altcoin would grow with the increase of bitcoin, and vice verse.

This would lead to an extream and unrealistic growth of the altcoins. What does your knowledge mean? Let us make a simple example: At first, the value of our investment is: After the BTC increase: Which is probably completely different than what one would have expected! Day 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 We were not tracking the bot and his automated trades over Christmas.

So let us see, what he has done. Since the 22 of December has done following trades: Which is of course a pity, since the coin market besides BTC was falling. Day 11 to 17 Okay, from now we should be keeping this more frequently updated since all the holidays are over!

Day 11 to 17 represent the time from the 27th of December to the 2nd of January ! There was a good XMR buy for about 0. On the 27th the XMR price had risen to 0. Though sadly the cryptotrader-bot had sold it for 0. Also, two more XMR sell orders have been executed. While one of them having a 0. What we like about the bot is, that it cuts the losses pretty fast.

Maximum loss being 0. So even if there are more losing positions than winning, the cryptotrader bot has currently made profit! In our case it was 1 BTC, this is why nearly every position is closed with a 0. We got a new big winning position, XMR! To show you what exactly we mean, here is how the executed orders have been displayed to us: And as you can see, there are three issues here: Cancelled orders — We need to clean up the data before we can analyze it over Excel.

This makes us each time get lots of data which we need to make averages for etc. Too much data — And because there is so much data, there is a limit of data to be shown. This means, that if there are, let us say, more than rows, the CryptoTrader-Website is showing only the newest rows. We go manually over each mail and copy the buy price and amount… Solution to those problems was just discovered! We saw that the Poloniex-Exchange offers an awesome analyzing function. So let us showcase this on the latest XMR position: Good job to us finding this, to Poloniex for providing this tool and to the bot for making this trade!

And luckily for us with a 0. Also made a perfect buy on ETH. As you can see in the graphic below, the bot is mainly trading on momentum. What the exact parameters are, we have yet to figure out: A total of 0. Well, we see this as something that should not stress us too much, since we are still more than 0.

Also, we changed the settings in the bot, so he can trade a maximum of 1 BTC each position. Which is something we recommend everyone doing. We think the algorithm takes the MACD indicator wiki to account. In the following Wikipedia picture this would be the blue line going over the red line: This would be also true for the XMR buy-order on the 8. Though the position was long time in plus. Bot has also opened a new FCT position, which we feel was a good call since the price dropped a lot.

Nothing too spectacular to note. Subscription going to an end, what should we do? Test a different cryptotrader strategy? Or even a complete different website? We have now come to an end. And bigger positions with the gains. Meaning, that our portfolio value is not raising by the percent showed above. Though you should not forget, that you can not just add those two numbers to see the USD increase of portfolio value. Lessons Learned After testing CryptoTrader we have came to following conclusions: If a trade is currently looking very good, or very bad — reduce the position!

Maybe it is all innocent, and the unanswered complaints have just not been addressed due to time constraints keeping the developer busy for the past couple of months, and maybe one of the largest exchanges in the world truly does not know how to execute its orders and is the reason for the bot selling shares cheap.

I guess it is possible. Of course, it is also possible that this is exactly as it appears to be, which all of the circumstantial evidence points to: Find out more info on cryptocurrency trading, here. While one can only hope for the best of outcomes, the reality is that more often than not, when things occur that appear to be shady, that is just what they are. It is very rare, possibly non-existent, that there has ever been a situation which appeared to be shady and then turned out to be an innocent misunderstanding.

However, I believe in giving everyone the benefit of the doubt until they prove otherwise. Again, and I cannot stress this enough, it is up to you, the reader, to investigate and make the decision yourself on whether or not to use and trust the Blade Runner strategy. This article is only a tool that aims to provide you with as much knowledge as possible in order to protect your assets and financial livelihood. It also serves as a sort of notice. A notice to all who would try and scam or otherwise mislead people, that here at CoinStaker, it will be questions openly and publicly.

We will try to find a strategy besides bladerunner, that shows prospective backtesting! Building a better digital currency community does not happen when there is a cloud of doubt hanging about.

The only way that this community will ever break through the stigmas that have been tagged to it are to rise above the shadiness, the scams and the attempts to defraud. It starts and ends with us, the people who love the digital currencies we so aim to promote. It starts here and it starts now. Know more than others on any Blockchain Party! Join more than others to receive the breaking news and weekly summaries! No ICO spam, we promise. You have Successfully Subscribed! Read less, know more.

Each week we summarize the most important happenings in the cryptocurrency world!


What Is Cryptotrader? 

This whole Cryptotrader-review starts to be way too positive, but what shall we say, we didn’t expect this either. The cryptocurrency trading bot has also opened and closed an XMR and DOGE positions.5/5(9).

Find out if Cryptotrader is a scam or legit today in our review. What Is Cryptotrader? Cryptotrader, found online at simpsons-online.tk, is a trading bot platform that features a variety of trading bots. Jun 20,  · If you are thinking about giving Cryptotrader a shot, check out this detailed Cryptotrader review, where you can read all about the opportunities it offers, its plans and pricing, and more. As long as you are careful with bot programming and have some experience in cryptocurrency trading, Cryptotrader can be a rather good / 

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CryptoTrader Verdict

Cryptotrader review by Cryptocoinzone. We have the best Cryptotrader review. Cryptocoinzone compare bitcoin sites. Create a bitcoin trading bot. A review of the cryptocurrenncy bot and strategy "Blade Runner" (CryptoTrader). And why trusting automatic trading bots should not happen automatically.

Good morning fellow crypto entrepreneurs. I just wanted to post a daily update of how our bots on cryptotrader and by steem3. The automated bot trading service Cryptotrader has just officially announced the addition of support for trading on two new exchanges – Kraken and Bitfinex. These two exchanges are added along with the already supported Bitstamp, BTC-E and CexIO, the service previously also supported MtGox, but not anymore for obvious reasons.

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