At a minimum, a truck has to have a frame and not a unibody. Although typical car brands are shown at the exhibition, there are a number of exotic car brands and specialty cars featured at the show making it one of the best exotic car shows as well. 

The family is kind enough to let Jay take the car for a drive.

9. Chevrolet Silverado 

Consumer Reports has revealed its list of the top 10 best cars of Find out which cars took top honors in their respective segments at

The fate of many racing cars is that nobody wants them. You have a first relationship with a car, and when it goes you start to remember the high points, which is when you realise that a car was really special or not. He could buy anything, and, over the years, he has ticked plenty of boxes.

Pay massive money for a car, and you probably enjoy the possession of it more than you enjoy the car itself.

All you need is the bank account that allows you to afford it. It was high mid-market, and a well-accepted brand in the US with good credentials in innovation, safety and performance.

Skye Consumer reports is about kitchen appliances. After I had a Sonic as a rental, I realized that it was not built to a human-oriented coherent plan. Controls were just put in haphazardly, twist this, turn that, press here to perform related actions. The ESC switch was in the middle of the console and the stereo system was unusable. So, no Cruze for me. The Koreans build much more cohesive vehicles.

If you check out these cars on a real car website, like Car and Driver, none of them are even close to being top of their respective classes. Oh and the Honda Ridgeline as the best pickup truck is just hilarious and totaly destroys the credibility of this list.

Tom tell me why exactly the ridgeline as the best pickup is just hilarious to you. Cadillac, Dodge and Honda should be on the top of this list. Cadillac is 4 as nice at half the price of German cars with outdated systems. Please take this into consideration, that even though BMW, lambo, Audi are in the top spots, I bet you that almost everyone who voted for them only like them because they are flashy "rich" cars, not because they have ever owned them and have really experienced them.

One of my favorite cars! I love it's style and speed. Dodge put a small team to work on a car that was needed very shortly and they made a supercar Love this brand, love their cars and love their style. Great styling cars with lots of performance that have a lot of character unlike some of it's Japanese competition have you seen the Hellcat, that car will put some European super cars to shame. Everything that rolls off the line is awesome from the ram to the caliber to the durango If you're finding a luxurious car, no brand is better than it.

It looks SEXY too. I love its angel logo. The logo isn't an angel, it's the spirit of ecstasy, come on you don't need to be a car enthusiast to know that no doubt Rolls-Royce has always been and will always be the best, most luxurious and most prestigious car in the world.


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The best cars on the market in America across 10 popular categories

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The world’s best new cars have been honored once again at the New York International Auto Show. More than 80 judges in 20 countries have spent the past six months assessing and analyzing cars. World’s 10 Biggest and Best Auto Shows in the World 10 Tokyo Motor Show Tokyo Motor Show–Photo via Japan is the home of the some of the best automobile makers. Japan has to have at least one among the top best auto shows and it does not disappoint us. Our analysis puts Tokyo motor show to 10th position.

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