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A RAID 1 array offers a "mirror" of your data for extra redundancy. The resulting size of a RAID 0 array is the sum of the sizes of the volumes within it, and the bandwidth is the sum of the available bandwidth of the volumes within it. The resulting size and bandwidth of a RAID 1 array is equal to the size and bandwidth of the volumes in the array. This documentation provides basic RAID setup examples. Make sure you do not create an array that exceeds the available bandwidth of your EC2 instance.

Attach the Amazon EBS volumes to the instance that you want to host the array. Connect to your Windows instance. For more information, see Connecting to Your Windows Instance. Open a command prompt and type the diskpart command.

Each disk you want to use in your array must be an online dynamic disk that does not contain any existing volumes. Use the following steps to convert basic disks to dynamic disks and to delete any existing volumes. Select a disk you want to use in your array with the following command, substituting n with your disk number. If the selected disk is listed as Offline, bring it online by running the online disk command. If the selected disk does not have an asterisk in the Dyn column in the previous list disk command output, you need to convert it to a dynamic disk.

Use the detail disk command to check for existing volumes on the selected disk. No Hibernation File Disk: In this example, the volume number is 2.

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Creating a RAID Array on Windows

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