Forex Trading in India : Currency Trading Basics and Best Forex Brokers

Forex Trading in India If you are an Indian resident and wish to trade forex, you cannot trade all the instruments as mentioned above.

Never choose an international Forex broker, especially if you are advised against it, but Non-resident Indians are free to choose a Forex broker of their choice according to the laws applicable in their jurisdiction. 

Forex trading is the exchange of one currency for another.

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While the SEBI and the authorities are tasked with the responsibility of preventing any citizen from trading with international Forex brokers, there are exceptions to the case that may prevent the authorities from doing their job. Most international Forex brokers in India operate through branch offices, Introducing Brokers, or through affiliates without actually being regulated by the SEBI or any other organization.

These brokers offer their services illegally without any consent from the authorities, which prevent the Government from tracking their activities. Therefore, Forex scams and other financial malpractices are highly rampant in the country, which has forced the Government to intervene and severely limit the freedom enjoyed by Forex brokers. As a Forex trader in India, you should always make sure to invest your money with Government approved SEBI Forex brokers, as it is imperative from a legal perspective to adhere to the policies and guidelines issued by the authorities.

Some SEBI regulated brokers may offer the convenience of investing in other countries, but a majority of Forex brokers in India only allow its traders to trade on INR related currency pairs. If a broker promises to offer other currency pairs, check the legality of the broker and ensure that their services are in line with the regulatory guidelines imposed on them by the SEBI. Legal Status of Bitcoin in India: Everything you need to know A person who is found to be indulged in electronic or online overseas forex trading would be held guilty of violating the foreign exchange laws in India.

An important thing to note here is that NRIs are not prohibited from trading in foreign currencies. Forex trading is legal in India so far as includes Indian Rupee as the base currency.

Forex trading is a risky trade and must be done after consultation with a lawyer. A well-versed lawyer who knows about foreign exchange laws and eligibility to trade in forex can help you in legally trading in forex in India.

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Restrictions Imposed On Forex Trading For SEBI Regulated Brokers 

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Mar 11,  · The Reserve Bank of India and Securities Exchange Board of India regulate the forex trading in India. It is legal in India if the base currency is INR only, if the forex trade is taking place between two foreign currencies, it is illegal. Is Forex trading legal in India and how to trade forex in India legally are the questions which have been the point of pressure for people dealing in foreign exchange. Forex Trading is legal in India if it is done through registered Indian forex brokers. 

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An Indian citizen cannot send directly or indirectly fund to Overseas forex simpsons-online.tkas forex trading through electronic / internet trading per RBI circular RBI// A.P. (DIR Series) Circular No. 46 Overseas forex trading through electronic or internet trading portals not permitted. let us find out Overseas . On top of that, Reserve Bank of India does everything in its power to ban forex trading by individual investors. Apparently, there are fines and legal charges against currency trading. With that being said, a large number of forex traders come from India.

The legal aspects of Forex trading is not clear. This research investigates and finds answers to if Forex Trading is legal or illegal in India. Trading with SEBI Forex Brokers in India. India is the second most populous country in the world that is home to one of the largest group of working class people, who have an increased affinity towards investing in the several attractive opportunities available throughout the globe.

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