The assistant lacked some basic telephone service, such as introducing themselves… but overall, they were helpful. In this model, traders who are deemed profitable will be sent to the interbank market, while the broker will continue to bet against unprofitable clients. 

Let me ask you a question.

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Forex trading examples What is a contract for difference? Share. A contract for difference (CFD) is a popular form of derivative trading. CFD trading enables you to speculate on the rising or falling prices of fast-moving global financial markets (or instruments) such as shares, indices, commodities, currencies and treasuries.

Due to the sheer size of the company, IG manages around employees in its offices in different parts of the world. An IG trading account also allows traders to indulge in the world of spread betting, which is considered to be a tax-free alternative to Forex trading.

Spread betting is entirely exempted from taxes or stamp duties in the UK, which is perfect for investors looking for cost-effective trading solutions. Apart from the traditional markets, IG also provides binary options trading that enables traders to make fixed profits by betting on the direction of a trend. These reward points can be redeemed for gifts and electronics or other promotional materials provided by IG through their seasonal offers. It is not a surprise that the broker has shied away from deposit bonuses , primarily due to its regulatory status and the numerous complications that may occur within the broker-client relationships owing to the bonus terms and conditions.

The maximum IG leverage is 1: All other instruments can be traded with a higher margin requirement, which essentially means that the leverage changes according to the type of the financial instrument.

Shares and Indices trading are offered lower leverage, while spread betting and binary options are leveraged products that have a fixed leverage according to the asset traded. The commissions and other costs decrease with an increase in the lot size, thereby providing additional incentives for larger traders and institutional investors to transmit large orders through the IG platform.

If you are a retail trader who wants to open a live account in future, or you have already opened a live account, you should know how the brokers make money and how they can cheat you to make more money. Before I go to details, I have to clarify something: There are so many traders who open a live account before they learn to trade properly, and so they lose. Instead of finding the problem and trying to fix it, many of them are used to accuse the broker. A cheating broker can cause the losing traders to lose more and wipe out their accounts faster, but a professional trader can easily find out that the broker is cheating, so that he will withdraw his money and close his accounts as soon as possible.

I will have a separate article about the ways that broker can make money legally. In this article, I am talking about the ways that brokers cheat their clients to make money illegally. This eBook shows you the shortest way to acheive Financial Freedom: Regulation Nowadays, traders talk about regulation all the time.

A brokerage company is regulated when it is registered with a governmental organization that monitors the brokerage companies activities. Usually there are also something like insurance that covers the traders capital if the registered broker gets bankrupt. I have seen some highly regulated brokers that cheat their clients the most. There are always some special cheating ways, that can not be tracked by the regulatory authorities. Brokers can easily bribe the regulatory authorities and ask them to be kinder to them and close their eyes on some events.

There are proofs that those regulations are done by the governors who directly or indirectly own brokerage companies and make millions through them. They made the regulation rules to prevent the traders to open accounts with the offshore brokerages, so that the money stays in their own countries, and the traders become obliged to open accounts with those brokerages owned by the governors. They get regulated and registered because they have to, not because they are honest.

There are dirty hands behind these kinds of apparently good actions regulation. Let me ask you a question. Many of them wipe out their accounts at least a few times, before they give up on forex trading.

Many of them lose a lot of money. What these so called regulations have done for these people? What the governors have done is not about supporting the traders. It is about driving the funds toward the direction they want. They could do the same with having a live account too. You know the answer. They want you to open a live account before you learn to trade properly, and lose your money. Before the regulations, they were worried about you to lose your money to the overseas brokerages, but now it is OK if you lose, because your money goes to their own pockets now.

This is not true. Stop loss hunting is a very effective way that market maker brokers use to make the traders lose money. To learn about this method, please read this article: In this case, the broker makes 1 pip, in addition to the commission it is legally allowed to charge.

You can ask the broker first. Sometimes they tell you that they are doing it. If it is pips above the regular spread, then they are adding markups to the spread. When you found out that your broker charges markups too, it will be your choice to withdraw your money and close your account, and find another broker.

Slippage A high spread because of adding markups can be easily seen on the platform, by checking the difference of the bid and ask prices. However, slippage is hidden to the traders. Slippage is a trick made by the market maker brokers.


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Forex trading is the buying and selling of currencies on the forex market with the aim of making a profit. Forex (or sometimes just FX) is short for foreign exchange, and is the largest financial market in the world. It’s where individuals and businesses convert one currency to another.

IG provides CFDs, FX and powerful trading technology to a growing client base. Authorised and regulated by the UK Financial Conduct Authority. 7 rows · Unlike over-the-counter trading, there is no IG spread to pay. Instead we . 

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IG, IG Markets, IG Index is an alleged Bucketshop, FCA said 82% of CFD customers lost money Dec 13, - 1 Star 11 Dec Update: Regulators in Cyprus, Britain, and Germany have now taken action against CFD providers. Britain’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) found that 82% of customers who use CFDs lose money/5(). IG Forex Broker Review IG is a trading name of the UK based company IG Markets Ltd. Registered and regulated by the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority), it claims to be the world’s No1 provider of CFDs.5/5(2).

Founded in London in , IG (formerly IG Index) is a pioneer broker, that actually created the concept of financial spread betting. Furthermore, IG was the first spread betting firm to introduce online dealing in Open Live Account22,+ followers on Twitter.

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