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BinaryBook which got the privilege of being reviewed by FX Empire has excelled in various aspects of binary options trading.

Among its list of broker reviews, there is also the BinaryBook review , which aims at enriching customer experience through its unique and amazing service. I checked the "bank" out and it was a complete joke. 

At this point I was determined, it was the point of no return and I could not take more. Moreover in its BinaryBook reviews , FX Empire ranked the broker as one the most promising brokers in the world of trading.

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Eager to know more about BinaryBook? Just read the Binarybook reviews to know what people are saying about us in the binary options industry!

When we came across BinaryBook, it was time to investigate for ourselves and understand who they are. Any comments from clientele can determine the breaking point between success and failure for any organization. The Binary Book program was established in , and are based in London and Anguilla.

Their special features offer opportunities to trade a variety of assets such as Stocks, Commodities, Indices, and Currency Pairs. Determining true qualities in Binary option brokers is no easy task. Compared to most who only offer assistance during the trading week, this is a refreshing accommodation for all traders who require help any day of the week.

PrestigeBinary is very pleased with Binary Books efforts in providing an enhanced experience with a user-friendly interface and competitive features. To open this account, one must contact an account manager via Chat, email or telephone. BinaryBook offers an Islamic Trading account which is fully compliant with the Sharia law and excludes any Riba commissions and Interests.

Those of the Muslim faith can benefit from the advantages of binary options trading without jeopardizing their faith. BinaryBook offers a wide range of learning material for both advanced and beginner traders. There are visual and interactive resources such as a range of videos and e-books as well as in-depth tutorials and lessons.

Assistance can be obtained upon request from expert traders on staff at BinaryBook. BinaryBook accommodates for the largest range of deposit methods, allowing traders worldwide to take advantage of exceptional trading features.

At points I felt he was holding laughs but not his team, who was laughing in background. He told me that he wants to squeeze my account of every last penny for this absolutely most awesome ever trade, and I said NO, and he said he will attempt to make a 5. So, works the same as ? Whatever, after a while I said "as far as I am concerned, I don't want to make more deposits and the conversation is over", he was visibly irritated and started to call me names, he told me that I am a loser and I will be a loser all my life etc.

And then he hung up. The call took 53 minutes, and it was a psychological fight, really! At this point I was determined, it was the point of no return and I could not take more. So I decided to withdraw the leftovers of EUR. A new adventure started here. Finding the withdrawal section was not easy - you have to go to Deposit and find the Withdrawal link there. No options, just a text box and a button.

On the live chat I find out that my "expert broker", Kate Williams, must have a phone conversation with me to confirm the withdrawal. I received a few more calls from "brokers" - female voices. I told each one of them from the beginning that I only want to withdraw and end amiable, and care about nothing else. They didn't even want to hear about that, and kept saying "let's reinvest that in a few more trades bla bla". Today was day 1 of my experience with Binary Book, and day 1 of Business Days to return my leftovers.

Actually, in about 30 minutes I will have 24hours from my signup. Hopefully, I will get to see those EUR back into my account soon.


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Mar 03,  · BinaryBook Review BinaryBook is a relatively new binary options broker. Based in London and Anguilla, BinaryBook offers a user-friendly trading platform with a variety of assets such as stocks, commodities, indices and currencies/5.

Some might say BinaryBook is a fraud? Check out this BinaryBook review by Martin Kay and find out is this binary options broker a scam or not? To say is binarybook a scam, one has to ask, is 24option and other binary options platforms like banc de binary, top option and more a scam. I have seen more bad reviews for the other brokers than this. 

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Eager to know more about BinaryBook? Just read the Binarybook reviews to know what people are saying about us in the binary options industry! Their phone number is +44 and their email address is [email protected] For typical broker complaints read this. WARNING: To see how the binary options scam works, read this. is a Forex Broker Reviews Website. The website does not offer investment advice.

Looking for honest BinaryBook reviews? Need credible pricing info? Our experts prepared for you: Unbiased review Detailed features. BinaryBook Review - BinaryBook is an unregulated binary options broker. Is it SCAM? Find out here.

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